Thoof Takes a Shot at Digg, Touts Personalization

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I came across an interesting video today (ironically, courtesy of Digg) that makes fun of content on Digg and then boasts the superiority of Thoof, a Digg competitor, and it’s personalization engine. While this may seem like a good short-term strategy, this is likely to bite Thoof in the back.

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The point that the video is trying to make is that the content on Digg isn’t always of the best quality and may not be the most relevant content based on your interests. While this is a legitimate concern at the moment, there are several things to consider.
1. Digg’s upcoming engine – Digg has already announced that they will be launching a personalized recommendation engine soon. The system will look at your past digging and burying histories along with those of your friends, to try and recommend more targeted content to you. Once this is released, we’ll probably be seeing someone go poof!
2. Thoof isn’t much better – What the video doesn’t point out is that unless you register for the site and actively train the recommendation engine, the quality on Thoof is just as (what the consider to be) bad as on Digg. Here’s a snapshot of the content promoted on Thoof:
While the personalized recommendation engine is good, the implication in the video is far from accurate. The video would have you believe that the Thoof community is the epitome of sophistication and the Digg community is composed of imbeciles. A look at the showcased content on the sites shows that they are not very different at all.

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