The SEO’s Guide to Google Analytics 5: Getting Used to New Features Part I

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This is part one of three in a geeky Google Analytics version 5 series to help you get accustomed to the new Google Analytics and use the new neat reporting features to impress your clients and bosses.  In the next article, I will share my top 6 new features in Google Analytics version 5.  And in the final part of this series, we will get all super geek with your analytics by creating fancy SEO dashboards.  In this article, I’ll show you a few places you can look along to get used to the new layout and reporting features.

So, What’s Different in the Google Analytics Version 5?

New Navigation (Top and Left):

The new analytics makes use of top and left navigation to help you get what you need quickly.

First and foremost, you’ll notice a new orange navigation bar with 3 menu items titled “home,” “standard reporting,” and “custom reporting.”  When you click on each tab you will get a new left-hand navigation menu.


The home tab is going to provide you with links to access: real-time reports, intelligence events, and your dashboard(s) with all your pretty widgets.  Intelligence events were previously a beta feature of the older version of analytics.  This part of analytics gives you important breakthrough deltas in your metrics over time.

Standard Reporting

Most of the data and reports you were used to before can be found by clicking the “standard reporting” tab.  Here you will find things have been reorganized.  The nice thing about the current version of Google analytics is that if the restructured categories are giving you hassle, and you can’t find an old report, you can start typing in the search box above the left navigation and find your report that way.

Custom Reporting

Just like before, you can create your custom reports via the third top navigation option called “Custom Reporting.”  Your custom reports are now accessible here as opposed to on the middle left navigation in the old analytics.

If you recall, in the older analytics you could schedule your custom reports to be emailed to your client or whomever you report to.  This feature has been temporarily disabled, and no other reports you have set up to be emailed will go out after the end of January 2012.   But I read on the Google Analytics blog, that they will be bringing this feature back within the next several weeks, as this is a top priority.

On a brighter note, you can add custom reports as a widget on any of your dashboards.  Additionally as cool is that the widgets on your dashboard will link back to your full report if you click on the icon to the left of the gear icon (marked by the blue arrow).

So Where Have Sections/Reports Moved?

Some sections and reports have been renamed, so the easy “start typing your report name in the search and have it auto-populate,” will not work!  For instance, the old visitors section is now called the “Audience” section (blue). And the old “map overlay” report is now called the “location” report.  Similarly, the “browser capabilities” report is now found under “technology” (though you can find this one when you start typing in the search feature).  So certain things are just organized under new sub-headings.

If you have a question on where your old report is, ask by commenting below, and I’ll find it for you.

AdWords Metrics

AdWords reports are now included in the new Google Analytics’ “Advertising” area on the left hand navigation under “standard reports.”  There are a few additional reports in here as well that were not previously available for your AdWords campaigns.  They are worth going through.


You’ll see that your ecommerce and goals are combined in one section called “conversions.”  Additionally, the new “multi-channel funnels” feature in Google Analytics is here as well.

What about Keyword Reports?


There are several ways to get keyword reports in Google Analytics version 5. For one, you’ll need to drill down a bit more than you might be used to (though you can take the shortcut and get to whichever report you need by typing your report in the search bar at the top left).

The keyword report you were accustomed to in the older version of analytics can now be found under Traffic Sources -> Sources -> Search -> Organic and is called the Organic Search Traffic report.

You can also access other keyword reports that incorporate Google Webmaster Tools keyword data in them!  Now you don’t need to go to two places as long as you integrate your Webmaster tools account.  You should see data from around mid October 2011 onwards; this is around the time this feature was implemented.

Once you’ve integrated your Webmaster Account, you’ll find this keyword report under Traffic Sources -> Search Engine Optimization -> Queries. Here, you’ll see information on impressions, clicks, average position, and Click Through Rate.   Geekier reporting tips to come in part 3 of this series.

SEO Geek Tip


To see which of your keywords are ranking pages 1 and 2 and which content ranks (your low hanging fruit) add a filter to this report to include all results with an “Average Position” of less than 21.  First click on “advanced” and then add your filter.  Click the “apply” button, and then you will see your top 20 ranking keywords/content during any given month.

Previous to 1/25/12, you would get an average position, but Google Analytics just announced that this will now reflect the first position your content ranks at any given time (so the filter above might be modified to position vs. average position).


Note – Something neat is you can now see a summary of organic visitors by geographical location as well as the impressions, clicks, and click through rate information from Google Webmaster Tools.

How to Edit Your Google Analytics Settings:

Instead of having your “analytics settings” at the top left, you now will see a graphic that looks like a bolt, which is where you can customize your Google Analytics account settings.

From here you can add a profile, find ways to customize your Google Analytics Tracking Code settings, add or remove users, add filters to your profiles, and edit your profile’s settings.

Did I leave anything out that you were curious about?

What other questions do you have?

In the next article, I will highlight the top 6 new features all SEOs should know how to use.

Dali Burgado, also known as “The Dali Blogger” teaches creative
entrepreneurs how to carve a web presence that connects with
their Inner Guru and their target audience. Her first online
marketing love is SEO. She is the founder of Secrets to Web
Success, a blog educating the small business owner on best
SEO and social media practices sprinkled with a bit of tech.

Dali Burgado
Dali Burgado, also known as "The Dali Blogger" teaches creativeentrepreneurs how to carve a web presence that connects withtheir Inner Guru and their target audience. Her first onlinemarketing love is SEO. She is the founder of Secrets to WebSuccess, a blog educating the small business owner on best SEO and social media practices sprinkled with a bit of tech.
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  • Patricia

    Thanks for this informative post, it is always good to learn a bit more about how to make the most of Google analytics new features.

  • Keith Davis

    I’ve been using the new GA for some time now (applied to use it when it was in beta) and the feature I love is the real time browsing.
    Great to see how many people are browsing and where they have come from.

    I’ve been checking how effective tweets are when used to advertise by tweeting and then watching the real time browsing.

    Great to see people dropping in after an effective tweet.

  • Casey Gordon

    Thanks for the “SEO Geek Tip”, it’s a great way to see key words / phrases that we’re getting traffic from but may not be actually targeting, some of the numbers were impressive, we’ll now be adding the keywords to our targeting campaigns.

    Great stuff.

  • Don Tietz

    Thanks Dali, I learned alot. Great Information

  • Chandan

    Thank You to ‘SEO Geek Tip’. This is a very informatics post especially for Webmaster.

  • Dali Burgado

    Thank you, Patricia, Keith, and Casey.

    Keith – Definitely very cool to see how effective tweets are using real time.

    Casey – Glad to know the SEO Geek Tip helped.


  • Felicity Pointer


    I’ve been a bit lost without the ability to schedule custom reports via email, but also in the new version we’ve lost the option to export reports to pdf. Is this coming to be coming back or lost forever?

    • Dali Burgado

      Yes, the ability to email and export reports to pdf is coming soon per the folks at the Google Analytics Blog.

  • Sylvain PINGONT

    Hi Dali,

    do you have any news about availibility of export and report
    – By email
    – exported in PDF
    – scheduled email


  • Amin

    Great post, Google Analytics and web analytics in general is so important.

    After Google Analytics is set up across your website, another great tool to also check out is , which checks if Google Analytics really is properly set-up on any site. After you put in a URL, it generates a report that shows a summary, itemized list of problems, and even opportunities for improvement with your Google Analytics installation, for free!

    Pretty cool.

  • Tom

    Thanks for your blog. As soon as I could not find a report in the new Analytics, I clicked back to the old version. Not realising the function of the search… I had some trouble implementing the webmastertools. I’ll try again.

    I have a question, may be you know the answer for. From several ( disabled) analytics account from former customers, I still receive the monthly reports by email. Since I don’t have access to these account ( not even my former customer, because the Google account is deleted…), how can I get rid of these reports?


  • kyle

    thanks for sharing the new features on the new version on analytics

  • Rachel

    Thanks so much for this. I was getting very confused looking at my latest reports. You made it all much more simple sounding :)