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The Future-Proof Link Building Strategy

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Aaron Aders
Aaron Aders
The Future-Proof Link Building Strategy
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The Future-Proof Link Building Strategy

Never worry about algorithm updates again by aligning with search engines.

What if I told you that it was possible to build high-quality links at 1/10th of the price and effort? Would you troll this post? Before you consider doing so, allow me to explain.

Search engines are getting smarter. Specifically, the groundbreaking Panda and Penguin technologies have finally enabled algorithmic segmentation of good vs. bad content and linking sources. No longer is it possible to earn visibility in organic search through content that’s simply “relevant” or contains the right keywords. The imperative of quality content is no longer an “ivory tower” request—it’s now a requirement for success in search.

The strategy outlined in the eBook The Enterprise Marketer’s Future-Proof Link Building Strategy: Search Engine Optimization in a Post-Penguin 2.0 World is truly future-proof because it aligns with the “why” behind search engine technology. Old tactics focused on the “what” behind search engine technology, and the “what” in SEO changes faster than any other industry. Aligning fundamentally with why search engines exist allows your organization to transcend the technological piece (the “what”) of search technology and position for long-term success.

Search engines exist to deliver the most relevant content that solves problems or entertains users. Creating content that solves problems or entertains your market is only half the battle. The market isn’t going to simply discover the great content that you create. A robust earned media strategy is necessary to get your great content in front of your target audience on popular and relevant websites to enable fast and efficient discovery by search engines. When implemented correctly, this process builds hundreds of links and mentions through just a few media placements. In the results example, we earned 894 mentions from just one of the high-profile earned media placements.

At a high level, the strategy consists of creating and promoting great content. The tactical process is broken up into four sections: Research, Creative, Promotion and Conversion.


A future-proof SEO campaign is a highly targeted effort that requires a complete understanding of customer personas. An efficient research process is necessary to gather the knowledge required to develop remarkable content that will educate, inform and entertain a target audience. Online media outlets, blogs, digital communities and social media influencers must find genuine value in the content in order to earn the powerful media placements that fuel an earned media campaign.

Online Persona Discovery

  • Gather all current marketing persona information at your organization.
  • Use tools like Google Analytics, Google Adwords Keyword Tool, Open Site Explorer and Experian Hitwise to gather data about who your personas are and where they hang out.

Content Idea Generation

– Use the information to generate ideas for your content that will solve a problem, inform or entertain your personas.


The creative process sets the stage for the success or failure of a future-proof linkbuilding campaign. If the content isn’t genuinely informative, educational and entertaining, online media outlets won’t share it with their audiences. Put maximum effort into creating remarkable content that really stands out, and it will earn media placements and be shared socially.

Content Design and Development

  • Control costs with a well-defined project management plan
  • Involve industry influencers as project stakeholders during the design process
  • Always use professional design and copywriting resources


If relevant content is the engine, promotion is the gasoline. Having an “if you build it, they will come” mentality is great for the design phase, but the future-proof linkbuilding strategy is about maximizing marketing ROI. The best way to propel a project like a rocket is to place teaser articles that get your content in front of target personas.

Build the Teaser Article

  • Include the best highlights from your content
  • Don’t make it sales-y
  • Outreach and build connections with the most popular and relevant industry websites


Before the inbound links and search engine results come rolling in, there are a number of short-term returns generated by the future-proof link building strategy that shouldn’t be ignored. Conversion goals, such as leads, opt-in email list generation and referral traffic, are met in the short run, while traffic goals like keyword portfolio growth and organic search traffic are met over the long term. The immediate goals focus on converting users with a targeted landing page and calls to action.


An example of this strategy in action is the Enterprise Blog Post Optimization Guide. This piece of content solved a problem common to our target demographic. After doing research and interviewing enterprise marketers, we discovered that a lack of strategy and process around blogging was a common challenge. We addressed this challenge with a guide that educated our audience and solved a common problem.


The guide received more than 800 mentions through online syndications, thousands of social mentions and even placement in print publications. This cascade of high-quality digital signals contributed to a high level of organic search engine visibility for keywords related to blog post optimization. After continuing to release more contribution campaigns, we have seen a bump across the board for all keyword visibility.

With each step of the earned media process, you will help your team and your brand build a strategy that’s more than future-proof—it’s foolproof. Download The Enterprise Marketer’s Future-Proof Link Building Strategy: Search Engine Optimization in a Post-Penguin 2.0 World today and get started on creating content that will drive interest, traffic and conversions.

Editor’s Note: To learn more about link building and the future of SEO, listen to this Marketing Nerds podcast with Eric Enge.


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