The Facebook Platform Unveiled

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Facebook – one of the most popular social networking sites – held an event in San Fransisco today to officially launch the Facebook Platform and announced over 65 developer-partners including Microsoft, Amazon, Washington Post and many more; that have already built applications on the new platform that allows companies to develop and directly integrate applications with the Facebook website and reach an audience of millions of users. The developers and press alike were given unprecedented access.
Over 750 developers and many industry leaders were in attendance at f8 event which at which the company unveiled the next evolution of Facebook. Three companies that warranted special mention were Amazon, Microsoft, and Slide.
Facebook and Amazon have partnered to produce an application called ‘Book Reviews’ that allows Facebook readers to write and display reviews on their profiles. As an extension of the review, users can click through to the Amazon store and purchase the reviewed books.
Microsoft’s Popfly is a ‘fun, easy way to build and share mashups, gadgets, Web pages, and applications’. The web-based tool can be used by Facebook users to build dynamic and interactive applications and embed them in their profiles without requiring any programming.
Slide allows you to publish, share, and discover photos and other digital content through their site. With the launch of the Facebook Platform, Slide has ‘tailored its most popular applications to be integrated into Facebook users’ profiles.’
Facebook’s new f8 platform takes the site and developing for the site to a whole new level by opening up the site’s ‘vibrant social fabric’ to third-party developers. The move will serve to benefit all of the parties involved. It will extend the usefulness of Facebook as a social platform (thereby increasing its marketshare), will give the users new ways of interacting with each other and outside parties developing the applications (and therefore an incentive to visit more often and stay even longer), and will give developers a chance to easily make their applications available to millions of users.
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