The 5 deadly sins of blogging

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Blogging looks simple and many people think there is not much to it, but thousands of bloggers are making dumb mistakes everyday. Some of these mistakes seem obvious while others are not so obvious; if you are starting a new blog or even if you have been blogging for 3 years, here are 5 deadly mistakes to watch out for.
1. The easiest design for you to use on your blog is the generic theme that comes with the blogging platform. Some people may think it looks good and you might be fond of it, but you don’t want to use it simply because most [splogs]( (spam blogs) use the generic themes. The last thing you want is people coming to your blog and jumping to the conclusion that it is a splog.
2. One of the most important parts about a blog is its’ readability. So before you think about getting creative with the font color, style, and size make sure you think about the readability. Would you like to a read a blog that has small, grey, cursive text?
3. Another attribute about blogging is the conversation. Many bloggers just think about themselves when blogging which is why no one ever comments on their blog. If you are looking for some [interaction with your readers](, put them ahead of yourself.
4. Leonardo da Vinci once said “[Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication](”. Stop making your blog cluttered with useless features and design elements (widgets). You do not need a graphic intensive blog or 20 different RSS feed options, all you need to do is make it as easy as possible for visitors to read your content.
5. There is nothing wrong with making money off of blogging, but don’t shove 20 ads on a brand new blog that contains 0 blog post and has no traffic. Write a few blog posts first and get some traffic coming; then you can think about slowly adding a few ads. If you have a [popular blog]( you can almost do anything you want with ads, but if you don’t have a popular blog your visitors will probably think you are just in it for the money.
These are just a few simple mistakes that I have noticed many bloggers do, if you have any more to add, leave a comment.

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