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Here are the Speakers for #SEJSummit New York! (Part 1)

Now that everything is confirmed, we are excited to reveal that first round of speakers for SEJ Summit New York!

#SEJSummit New York Speakers (Part 1) | SEJ

The global power city requires people who are known for exerting significant impact in their industry-the SEJ team has been hard at work to secure the types of speakers fitting for a setting like Manhattan NYC Hotel.

Our speakers for SEJ Summit New York on September 16, 2015 spearhead the technologies that are shifting the marketing industry as we know it to a more people-centric trade.

Now that everything is confirmed, we are excited to reveal the first round of speakers!

SEJ Summit is a series of marketing conferences that have been hosted across the US and in London. The event’s theme is “3 Takeaways” because each speaker will focus on three fundamental principles that are “impactful, memorable, and actionable.”

While is it completely free to attend, you do need to request your invite in advance.

See this page for full details and to request an invite.

SEJ Summit New York Marketing Conference Speakers Include:

The conference’s emcee will be Executive Editor Kelsey Jones, and the official agenda with speaking topics will be announced soon.

SEJ Summit New York contains no pitches, no product demos, and no sponsored content. As a reminder, tickets are invite-only and cost is covered by our sponsor, Searchmetrics, a platform that delivers enterprise SEO and content marketing analysis, recommendations, forecasting, and reporting for companies who want potential customers to find them faster.

Interested? We’d love to have you join us. Request your invite now!

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Aki Libo-on

Aki is a content strategist, marketing consultant, and former assistant editor of SEJ. When not at work, she is busy ...

Here are the Speakers for #SEJSummit New York! (Part 1)

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