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Seven Android Apps Delivering Users from Professional and Personal Sin

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Seven Android Apps Delivering Users from Professional and Personal Sin

The businessperson of today has more options than those of yore.  But, despite our conveniences and trespassed tech advancements, we have not found way to gain more energy or time.

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We can’t slow time or speed production (too much), but we can be mindful of how we organize ourselves, straying from cardinal sins of the business and personal variety.

Have you committed slothful sins, unable to devote enough time to particular work and personal activities?  There’s an app to facilitate better action and time management.  Actually, heaven have it, there are a number of apps available to today’s Android user.

Do you want to lead a righteous and productive path to professional and personal success?  Pray you cross roads with the following Android applications.

Greed – You’re Spending Too Much Time on One Task

You think you’re spending quality time on a respective task, yet you’re being greedy regarding the rest of your business day.  You must cut ties with your minutes of avarice and better segment your day for optimal production.

Budget your time rather than bend toward greedy temptation with Time Recording, an application allowing you to check-in and out of tasks, see a complete view of activities, sync  with Google Calendar (G calendar tips), and import/export content to Dropbox.

Stop spending so much time; employ good measure with each task addressed.  The temptation toward greed of time is great, but Time Recording can track your time spent and money earned on each intended task.

Gluttony – You’re Spending Too Much Time at Work

Behind every great businessperson is an extraordinary family.  Don’t let your business intentions put the kibosh on quality, family time.  Stop letting work eat away at your family time, and make the spouse and children a steady ingredient in your weekly diet.  Don’t worry about cooking up all the excitement on your own; tripYIP plans family fun for you.

The free application gives presents the city in the palm of your hand…literally (well, virtually), providing the 411 on all the hip things kids of all ages are engaging in these days, or every day.  Plan trips and vacations of any length, targeting specific locations, culminating in a family feast of fun depending on respective tastes and inclinations.

Wrath – You’re Not Relaxed or Focused

We’re impressed you work over 100 hours per work, however, the amount of stress you’re holding in your upper back can serve as an anvil.  You need to loosen it up a bit, bub.  All work and no relaxation makes your fuse shorter and your moments of happiness fewer.  That’s not success; that’s depressing.  When you don’t have a tub of bubbles handy, sit back with a mix of tunes, sleep, and yoga.

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga, the free application elicits good vibes, allows Android users to keep their cool when at work or wherever.  Whether you’re enjoying the benefits of meditation, a 15-minute walk, or a quick catnap, Relax Melodies offers 46 sounds and versions of mood music and heralded as one of Amazon’s leading apps of 2012.  Want to drown out coworkers, external noises or maintain serenity now!?  Don’t have a cow, man – relax.

Sloth  – Your Android Is Too Slow

You’re one of many, toting an Android, but that old lady and her Bingo friends just passed you on the Android airwaves; speed up or smarten up; search for faster Android applications.  Ascentive places you in a Porsche-like driver’s seat of Android user experience.

Have you sat and waited for your Android to react while you’re sitting and waiting for the train, a friend, or the next Apple-bashing meeting?  We all have; well, some of us (Android seems to be winning the worldwide smartphone market.)  Ascentive gets Android off its caboose by ensuring open applications are closed or not running, removing unwanted files and cleans memory space, moving applications to Android backup cards, and increasing speed by allowing users quick editing options from the startup menu.  Do you feel the need for Android speed?

Lust – You’re Spending Time on…Porn!

Hey, I don’t think you got malware from a porn site, but your better half or those perusing your Android device browser may not.  Don’t let malware create embarrassing moments.  Android users need be on guard regarding the phone’s tendency to attract malware from surfed sites and downloaded material.  If you don’t protect yourself from viruses, you may create the wrong impression about your history and reputation.

I don’t judge but give advice; if you crazy kids are surfing ‘those websites,’ use protection.  Studies found the prevalence of malware on porn sites to fluctuate, with scoring a 53% on the side of, ‘Yes, I’d like a virtual virus from your establishment, please.’  What you can do is protect yourself with AVAST, the application warning against infected sites, blocking numbers from sending SMS texts, guarding against malicious applications, monitoring your security status from your home screen, and providing vaccinations (No.  It really doesn’t do that last part.)

Envy – You Wish You Were a Baseball Player

You’re a successful businessperson, but (spoiler alert) you really wanted to be the third baseman for the Chicago Cubs.  They have the hot seat covered by another of greater athletic prowess, but it doesn’t mean you have to shed your envy of major leaguers ; you can swing the bat, field the ball, and pat your pitcher on the behind vicariously with a nifty Android, sports lover’s app.

The FOX Sports App is at your Android-hosted fingertips, enabling your favorite teams and personalities to play front and center wherever you are.  Get live scores, personalize your favorites, peruse in-depth stats, and listen to exclusive commentary.  Just don’t start texting Cubs players after dark – that’s’ going too far.

Pride – You Want to Record All of Your Moments

As of last December, 67% of online adults were using social media sites, such as YouTube, one of the most-visited sites on the web.  If you’re an exhibitionist, you’ve recorded yourself or business enterprises, chronicling achievements via written, graphic, or video content.

Perhaps it’s a good ideas you’re so consumed in your brand, wanting to showcase your service and product acumen via videos; 89 million people in the US watch 1.2 billion online videos daily.  If you want to improve your ability to record from your Android phone, peek at Secret Video Recorder Pro.  Full HD capabilities allow for one-touch record/stop, high-quality screenshots, and for those pride-filled moments as a British spy, you can record in complete covert fashion, ostensibly using your Android to make calls and texts while recording the next office water cooler scandal.


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