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SEO Collaborating With Blogger- Three Ways To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

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SEO Collaborating With Blogger- Three Ways To Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

No online marketing strategy could exist and survive without content marketing. It is the content that makes one website different from the other, creates a value in the eyes of the reader, and consequently results in attracting traffic and quality links, which ultimately lead to a higher ranking.

Businesses adopt several strategies to attract traffic towards their website; some find refuge in PPC advertising, while others rely on SEO content marketing. The lines below emphasis on the ways content marketing can be done, that builds a beneficial relationship between SEO and Blogger.

1. Building .gov and .edu Links:

When it comes to link building, SEO professionals understand the importance of .edu and .gov links. Links from such resources are considered highly authoritative compared to any other types of links. The ways in which .edu and .gov links can be attained are:

  • The .edu links can be simply attained by guest blogging on the blogs of colleges and universities. However, to get the posts approved, you must keep in mind that the information you provide in your post should be beneficial and informative for the students. Only this can get your post approved.
  • You can attain .gov links in a different manner than .edu links, because .gov blogs and websites do not allow guest posts. The only thing that can be done in this regard is to write an interview with the governing authority, only that has the chances of being published, and you will receive high authority links.

2. Using Forums:

The utilization of forums is another way you can get your content marketed. However, before you can get your content on a forum, you need to build authority of your voice in the forum. You can build authority by showing continuous presence on forum happenings and sharing quality information. Moreover, as every forum is not equal to the other, so would be the links received by both of them. Therefore, to receive links from quality forums you need to check the following things.

  • Firstly you need to check the source code of the forum and see whether the forum provides you with ‘dofollow’ option or not. If it does then, the forum is worth spending the time, if not it may be a waste of time.
  • In addition to the dofollow option, you must also check the number of unique visitors of the forum. The greater the number of unique visitors, the more will you have the chances of reaching out to people.

3. Using Directories:

Directories have gain significant importance in internet marketing because of their ability to accelerate link building. Directories are also subjected to have the same nofollow or dofollow option like forums. The three things you should check before submitting to a directory are:

  • The categories of the directory. Check whether the directory has any category for your industry or not.
  • The magnitude of the blogs associated with the directory. You should submit your content to a directory with at least 10blogs under every category to have some assurance of traffic.
  • Last but not the least is to check whether the directory has dofollow option or not, and then decide on submission accordingly.

Content marketing is all about creating a mutual benefit relationship between blogger and SEO. The following tips can help in building a better relationship.

  • An SEO can provide tips, related to SEO knowledge, to the blogger, like; you can tell the blogger about any broken link on his site, or any misspellings in the article.
  • When sharing on a blogger’s account, you need to add keywords in your anchor text, so that the blogger’s blog is indexed for that keyword.
  • Commenting on posts that don’t receive many comments will make you stand out in the eyes of blogger. This may help you win the trust and appreciation of the blogger.
  • When trying to build a relation with a target blogger, try to comment nicely on his sharings.
  • Last but not the least, try to add your keywords in the comments you place on the posts of others, so that they may understand your niche and try to reckon it.


In short, content marketing is all about the relation between the SEO and the blogger. The healthier and mutually beneficial this relationship is, the more will the blogger and SEO benefit.





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