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SEO & Checking Your Page Size

SEO & Checking Your Page Size

With today’s high Internet connection rates webmasters don’t think they should bother much about their web page size and load time. Still this parameter remains essential both for SEO and usability:

  1. According to eMarketer research 16% of people leave the page if it loads longer than 10 seconds and only every second person will wait more than 15 seconds (so you can lose half of your visitors by overlooking your page load time);
  2. The general rule of thumb is to keep your page size up to 150K as pages greater than that are not fully cached by search engines (let’s put it like this: the longer a search crawler waits, the less it likes visiting your page).

Web Page Speed Report provides exhaustive information on a page size including:

Web Page Speed Report

  • total page size;
  • total size of the images (and HTML and CSS images separately);
  • JavaScript size;
  • CSS size;
  • Each page object size;
  • And download times for a set of connection rates:

Web Page Speed Report - download times

What’s more, the tool will also provide you with the list of useful recommendations on reducing size of particular elements:

Web Page Speed Report - Recommendations

Page Size Extractor offers a short but very handy analysis :

Page Size Extractor

  • Total page size;
  • Text to HTML ratio;
  • Total hyperlinks number;
  • Total images number;
  • Total size of all images;
  • Each image size;
  • The full list of all links on the page.
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Web Developer FireFox Extension is another handy utility that can show each image size right within a page:

Web Developer FireFox Extension - image size

If after checking these tools you would want to figure how to reduce your page size, you might find this post by Marketing Experiments very useful. It goes back to 2005 but remains topical till today. It lists most effective ways to reduce your page weight:

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  • Get rid of all inessential page elements;
  • Clean up your CSS;
  • Get rid of frames;
  • Compress your images;
  • Clean up your HTML, etc

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