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30+ Self-Serve Ad Networks & AdSense Alternatives for 2010

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30+ Self-Serve Ad Networks & AdSense Alternatives for 2010

Entrepreneur or SMB marketer drawing up an advertising budget for 2010? Try this massive list of over 30 ad networks I’ve compiled while browsing around the web. I’ve tried to focus on those that are SMB friendly with self-serve platforms. I’ve ignored CPA networks and tried to eliminate advertising aggregators, and the search engines.

Particular demographics / audiences

1. – 18-28 year old men – Flat rate text links sold on a weekly basis (through a redirect; they’re not for SEO points)

2. Facebook – The biggest social network has hyper precise targeting. Don’t overdo it though, or you’ll end up like I did once, targeting merely 20 people.

3. PlentyOfFish – The web’s second largest free dating site has an self-service ad platform

4. MyAds on – Self serve banners like Facebook, with similar demographic targeting

5. AdEngage – A variety of formats focused on humor and games

6. Canoe Klix – French Canadian contextual CPC on premium French Canadian sites

7. – Social network ads published on social games

8. Click-Share – A variety of demographic targeting options are available, including some not seen elsewhere such as household income, children in household etc.

9. – A focus on monetizing SEO traffic has made them attractive to retail advertisers.

General – Most of these are available on a CPC basis, even if the ad format is banners

10. – Offers help creating display ads, retargeting and other capabilities

11. – Blog banners, mostly 125×125

12. AdToll – Banners, peel-away and mixed banner/text ads.

13. Advertising opportunities at – Available for both products and services

14. FetchBack – The Retargeting Company

15. AOL’s AdSonar – Different targeting options, and selling text links  afaik. I’d link to’s homepage but it just redirects to an AOL Advertising page, even though the site itself is up…

16. ContextWeb / ADSDAQ – Allows you to bid on traffic by category

17. Bidvertiser – Text and banner ads

18. – Generalist network

19. AdReady – A competitor to AdRoll with similar banner making capabilities, but without the retargeting

20. Marchex – Boasting a portfolio of 100,000s of generic domain names, Marchex sells ads by click (self-serve) or by call (not)

News Media

21. AOL’s BidPlace SB – Banners on premium sites

22. Print advertising auction

23. NYTimes – Starts at the exorbitant rate of $8 CPM. [Also requires you to drop the soap on entering…]

24. CBS Interactive – Similar rates as the NYT.

What surprises me about the NYT and CBS is that they don’t get that advertising is driven by efficiency, and publishers accepting some of the risk. – Buy your message and link in someone’s tweet. Pretty self-explanatory. Some also offer “analytics,” though those offerings are all pretty light for now.

25. Twittad

26. BeTweeted

27. Be a Magpie (UK oriented)


29. Sponsored Tweets

30. AdCause – Support charity with your ad dollars

31. TweetROI

Note: I combed through eConsultant and several other ad network lists, but they’re largely out of date with links to dozens of ad networks that have gone under. Also, most other lists include CPA companies and non-self-serve ad networks (eg relying on a traditional sales force). For the convenience of SEJ’s SMB readers, I’ve eliminated those.

Gab Goldenberg wrote this for Red Fly Marketing, an online advertising company. You can see some of the search friendly web design work here.

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