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Reddit Breaks Up With Imgur, Releases Its Own Image Uploading Tool

Reddit Breaks Up With Imgur, Releases Its Own Image Uploading Tool

This week Reddit announced it will be moving away from its integration with Imgur and introduce its own image uploading tool. At first the beta feature will only be available to select communities/sub-Reddits.

“Today, we are partnering with mods to launch native image hosting in beta to 16 default communities across Reddit, followed by 50 more next week. In this iteration, native image hosting will support single image and gif uploads”

Reddit’s new tool is actually slightly less capable than Imgur. The new tool allows you to upload images up to 20 MB in size, and GIFs up to 100 MB in size. Whereas Imgur offer the same size of photo uploads but supports GIFs up to 200 MB in size.

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A member from Reddit’s product team claims that the native photo and GIF uploading tool offers a more seamless experience than using third-party image hosting services.

Of course, Reddit users will still be able to upload photos to Imgur, or any other service they choose, but the new default will be to upload using Reddit’s own tool. This certainly has the potential to divert users away from using third-party services.

Currently you will be able to use the new image uploading tool in the following sub-Reddit’s:

  • GetMotivated
  • EarthPorn
  • Gaming
  • Space
  • OldSchoolCool
  • Sports
  • Art
  • Aww
  • Dataisbeautiful
  • Food
  • Funny
  • Gifs
  • Mildlyinteresting
  • Movies
  • Photoshopbattles
  • pics
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Keep in mind that 50 additional sub-Reddit’s will support the stool in the coming weeks


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