Does Your “PR” Matter When Building Links?

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Dani Zehra
Dani Zehra
Does Your “PR” Matter When Building Links?
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PR is a common acronym when we talk about link building, and you might obviously be thinking to turn down the tab here, as it is quite a well worn, even an old fashioned topic to talk about these days. But hold on a second! I am not talking about Page Rank here. The PR that matters most now for building links, is Personal Relations that you build within the industry IMO.

Personal networks

Indeed, link building is no longer just about getting a few links from here and there, instead the anatomy of link building has now morphed into relationship building. What, you thought I was going to discuss Larry Page Rank? Are links always urls?

If you ask me, relationships were never that easy to begin with. But people in the SEO industry have always been kind and very helpful, even to a shy person like me. So, I’ve managed to make contacts with a few of the really splendid minds in the industry, people who not only help me through their incredible write-ups and blogs, but also assisted me on a personal level by pointing out my mistakes and guiding me whenever I turned to them. And ergo, Voilla!, relationships may not be so scary after all.

Luckily for all of us, said experts offer a lot of insight right up front, here are a few tidbits to show PR does really matter.


Jason Acidre

Jason Acider (above from Twitter) – Is a helpful, genius yet very humble are the best words that can describe him. If you don’t believe me just check out his blog, he goes by @kaiserthesage)

“Yeah, 100% sure that it can drive links because people who trust you, especially your peers in the industry, will always recommend you (through linking, social mentions) whenever it’s appropriate

Here is a simple process that I’ve replicated for so many times:

1. Create really awesome content targeted to a specific type of audience in your industry.

2. Mention other people’s work within your content (let them know about it), then follow up and initiate conversations with them.
3. Once they start sharing your content, repeat the process and you’ll get tons of exposure from them along the way.”

Moosa Hemani

Moosa Hemani (above from g+)– The only word that I have for him is my fairy godmother who helped me through the ups and down of my career and in specific SEO. You can even access his insightful knowledge through SETalks, or you may contact him @mmhemani .He is always willing to help:

“Relationship is important, no matter if it is personal or professional. I mean no one can grow and learn without building relationships in the professional sphere. Most people usually don’t understand the difference between relationship and building contacts when it comes to professional life but i guess It is far more important to build quality and long term relationship than contacts…as a relationship usually offers great amount of interaction, learning and growth opportunity.

As far as link building through relationship is concern, why not? I am one of those who strongly believes in getting links through relationship building. It is far easier to ask your blogger friend to include your post in a weekly roundup (if she/he does that) than sending out blue emails to people around and asking for links.”

Peter Handley & the team at theMediaFlow taking an awardPeter Handley & the team at theMediaFlow taking an award – courtesy theMediaFlow Facebook

Pete Handley (Above third from right) – @ismepete or you might know him as the SEO director at Aside from being a super SEO brainiac, he has been a friend. He might not know himself, but he is the person who gave me confidence to talk to other influencer in the industry because of his always friendly and humble tone.

“I would say that nearly all the best links that I’ve really been most proud of have come through relationship building – but not always from “deliberately” setting out to do it. I don’t necessarily go out all the time with the intention of “building a relationship” to gain links – sometimes the links are the by-product of building of a relationship itself.

I like to think of myself as a pretty personable guy – I like to offer assistance to those that need it, I like to make jokes with people and have a bit of fun. This goes for on social media, but also in real life where I am actually meeting people too. Ultimately I’ve built relationships with people in this industry as a result of just going out there and “being me”.

I probably don’t come across the right way to everyone, but I’m consistently myself, and I’d like to think that worked for having formed relationships in most industries. Of course, not everyone is going to like me, and that’s ok, but it’s really not hard to find some groups of people that you have some common overlap with.

So, in answer to the question “what’s the easiest way to build relationships in the industry?”, I guess fundamentally my answer is show some personality, share a bit of your life, what drives and interests you, and look to engage with other people that have similar interests. Sometimes I have the best conversations with folks that have opposite interests too – it would be boring if we were all the same!”

Ian Lurie - 2012 PubCon Las VegasIan Lurie – 2012 PubCon Las Vegas – courtesy Michael Dorausch

Ian Lurie (Above)– @portentint in spite of being the founder of Portent, a leading international marketing company, he has always been down to earth, a real influencer and person who is always there to help newbies in the industry. Don’t blame me if he casts his magical spell through his words, trust me his posts are magical!

“The easiest link building happens through relationships. But I wouldn’t necessarily focus in the search industry. I like to go where my passions lie: So yes, search, but also games and gaming, cycling and other stuff I like to talk about. The relationship building shouldn’t be a chore – it should be a natural outcome of your daily life. That is how you make it easy.”

To wrap it up, here is an epic presentations by @raventools about how relationships drive link building that helped to a good extent :

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