Moving The Dial With Curated Content

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Tyler Shears
Tyler Shears
Moving The Dial With Curated Content

If you are in marketing today, chances are content is a large part of your marketing strategy. With curated content, a website gathers information from across the Internet and reposts it, either in whole or in part. As some businesses have discovered, it is  possible to fill your webpage and social media sites with content that will go beyond boosting your search engine rankings.

Companies like Dell have learned they can boost their own content by reposting content found around the internet. Recent studies have shown the growth of content marketing and help to break the most common types of curated content.

curated content

Curated content has evolved as Google has tightened algorithms to prevent abuses. At one time, a site could simply repurpose content to improve a site’s relevance and rank well in search results. Today, however, Google will penalize posts it sees as duplicate content. This makes it more important than ever for businesses to use a combination of curated and regular content by adding original thoughts to their content.

[Editor’s Note: For more on SEO and content curation, Eric Enge’s has an enlightening post on SEW.]

With regular content, you’re required to spend valuable time creating new articles and blog posts each day. Through curated content, however, you can repurpose interesting content found throughout the internet and save time, while still improving your rankings.

Here are a few ways curated content can help your online presence.

Establish Authority with Your Audience

When you choose content, you likely select articles you know will interest others in your industry. The search engines will note this and reward you for it, since it will establish your site as an authority on your chosen topic. In addition to the value it will add to your site, it will also help you learn and grow within your industry, since you’ll be regularly alerted to any news that impacts your industry.

Build Meaningful Relationships

When handled correctly, your content curation can help you build relationships with others in your industry. Prior to using an article, you should always contact its author and ask for permission to use it on your own site. Once permission has been granted, be sure you link prominently to the original source and notify the original author as soon as it has been posted. You’ll likely find that in many cases, the author will promote the repost on social media, possibly bringing you a few new followers along the way.

Increases Your Relevance

While some internet marketers are concerned that using shared curated content may cost them rankings, more recent experiments have shown it actually has the opposite effect. This means a search engine like Google must be more focused on what users are doing while on your site, rather than where you got the content from. Buzzfeed and Deadspin are two sites that use curated content to provide an interesting experience for users and attract search engine attention.

A content and media manager for internet marketing firm Bruce Clay, Inc. posted content a variety of different ways and found that when she included shared curated content with curated links, she achieved higher rankings. The content must be chosen carefully and requires a balance of unique owned content versus shared curated content.

Keep Content Fresh

Search engines prefer fresh content, often ranking sites that are regularly updated over sites that remain stagnant for weeks or months. By adding fresh content on a regular basis, you’ll improve your search rankings, while also giving visitors a reason to keep coming back to your site.

Add Your Own Thoughts

The new rules of content curation require professionals to add their own thoughts to content they repost. Instead of merely posting a piece of content as is, you should add your own thoughts and insights. This will prevent search engine algorithms from seeing your page as duplicate content and penalizing it in rankings. It also will give you the jumping-off point you need to share your thoughts and insights on various issues impacting your industry today.

Stay Informed

As you search the web for interesting content, it is important that you get there before other content curators do. The key is to be as early as possible in reposting content so your followers read it from you first. To accomplish this, sign up for content curation tools like and CurationSuite for WordPress and set up alerts to let you know when new information is posted.

Create a One-Stop Content Shop

The overall goal with your content creation is to create your own library of informative articles and blogs, directly on your site. Instead of requiring your visitors to click on a link and visit an external site, curation allows guests to stay on your site and keep reading, while also taking in any other content you’ve posted. This one-stop content shop will encourage people to visit your site on a regular basis.

Your content strategy should involve adding interesting blogs, articles, status updates, and news on a regular basis. By curating relevant content from other websites, you’ll increase the value of your website without having to take hours out of your busy schedule to develop original articles and news updates.


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