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Microsoft Entering the Anti-Spyware Market

Microsoft Entering the Anti-Spyware Market

Microsoft decided to enter the Anti-Virus market sometime back when they bought Romanian antivirus firm GeCad in 2003. And they have been testing the application privately since sometime. No details are out on when and how they will release it. And now, they are contemplating entering the other major PC Security and Maintenance Market, Anti-Spyware software market.

Bill Gates said on Friday that Microsoft plans to enter this market as well and would stay actively involved with regular updates. The funny thing is that he himself admitted that he has suffered from malware applications on his personal machines! Maybe he should think about trying out some of the alternate browsers out there! Just like the Antivirus application, Microsoft has yet not revealed any further information on this new development. reports

Gates said Microsoft will offer software to detect malicious applications and that the company will keep it up-to-date on an ongoing basis. He did not say when the software would be available or whether Microsoft would charge for it.

Although progress is being made against spam and viruses, Gates said the adware and malware problem is getting worse. “This malware thing is so bad,” he said in a speech at the Computer History Museum here. “Now that’s the one that has us really needing to jump in.” It’s also a problem that has affected Gates personally. He said his home PCs have had malware, although he has personally never been affected by a virus.

Microsoft recently has given a beta preview of their new MSN Messenger which includes search functions. Their messenger downloadable tools and search toolbar would be a logical first step for testing any anti-spyware technology before making it a default piece of Internet Explorer. Months ago Yahoo added an anti-spyware, anti-adware function to their Yahoo toolbar. At first Yahoo made news on this because of playing favorites to Overture partner Claria, who’s Gator adware is one of the most annoying forms of adware rapidly infesting computers. Yahoo later changed their position with a new update including Claria adware products in their toolbar’s anti-spyware/adware tool.

Sushubh Mittal is the publisher of Software news at Software Journal and Tech Consultant to the Search Engine Journal.

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Microsoft Entering the Anti-Spyware Market

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