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How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research

How to Use Social Media for Keyword Research

Social media networking is a comparatively new phenomenon we haven’t yet learned to treat properly. Most online marketers are simply trying to promote their product there pretending to be their customers’ friends. Others successfully manage their reputation with the help of social media communities.

But what if we could use social media to explore your niche and learn more about your audience? That definitely makes sense: social media network is the community of real people who say what they think right now. Thus social media can help you to conduct up-to-date niche research:

  • to learn demographics, interests and tastes of your targeted audience;
  • to explore your competitors;
  • to conduct the enhanced keyword research.
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Recently there appeared several tools that will help with your keyword research by showing you the following:

  • how popular your keyword is;
  • who discusses your keyword and how (the context it is used in);
  • your keyword synonyms and related terms;
  • your niche trends and its related words usage.

1. TweetVolume will show you how much your keyword is discussed and also compare its stats to other neighboring terms:


2. Two other Twitter applications TweetScan and Summize will also show you who is talking about your keyword right now and what they are saying (you can also subscribe to the RSS to daily track your key term).


3. will show your keyword related terms and most popular bookmarks about it: related tags

4. Recently launched Facebook Lexicon shows what is discussed throughout Facebook discussion walls. It is great for comparing related terms and analyzing new popular trends but it will only show you what is really heavily discussed. Compare [erotic, nude, porn]:

Facebook Lexicon

We only start exploring social media instead of merely using it. I am sure that soon we will have more powerful tools that will help us to deeper understand our niche and audience.

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