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How To Link Spam Wikipedia

How To Link Spam Wikipedia

How To Link Spam Wikipedia

Peter Davis was sifting through Wikipedia one day and came across some obvious spam links and after striking up some discussion with Wikipedia editors and admins, has come to find out that a bit of seniority with the Wikipedia project will keep your spam links intact.

Peter reviews his experience in his blog post; Wikipedia and Link Spammers – A “How-to” Guide, and also lays down these 3 Golden Rules of getting high quality links in Wikipedia (yes, this is a bit tongue and cheek – but ironically is starting to sound a bit more and more like DMOZ by the day with its pick-and-choose problems):

1. Get yourself a few helpful edits under your belt. It seems that admins there are much more receptive to link spammers who appear to be contributors.

2. Get a “friendly” admin to back you up. It seems that other admins are unlikely to reverse the decision of another admin, even when evidence of stolen content is clearly given.

3. Don’t add the actual content into the Wikipedia, that just defeats the whole reasoning behind getting your link in the first place.

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