How Richard Binhammer is Changing the Face of Dell Online

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Getting people to try out your product is great, and when they like it and buy it, that’s even better. But whether they will stay with you in the long-run, (i.e developing customer loyalty) and whether they will become repeat customers depends a lot on how you treat them once they have given you a nod. And part of how you treat them includes talking to them when they express their disappointment or an issue they’re having. With the internet, and now that everyone has blogs, it has become even more important to see what people are saying about your company online, and responding to that.
We have written about Dell many times before, and gave special importance to Dell IdeaStorm, the company’s socially driven consumer engagement, correspondence, and feedback initiative. If you look at the comment section of when we wrote about them, you will see that Richard Binhammer from Dell not only posted his response to the article but also replied to the concerns of other people commenting on our post. This is not the only instance that this has happened. Richard also joined the conversation on our further commentary on IdeaStorm and Dell’s open source initiative.
And our blog isn’t the only one that people from Dell are commenting on. I have seen similar comments from Richard elsewhere on the web as well, trying to address people’s concerns and trying to join conversations about dell. And this genuine effort is certainly paying off. People have been impressed with the reaching out and have responded positively. Here are two such examples:
Richard Ames

Well, today I received an email from Richard Binhammer of Dell’s Corporate Group Communications. I didn’t contact Dell at all. Dell found me, or rather my post, and so it is doing exactly what I suggested it needs to do. Dell is proactively, it appears, trying to find out what’s gone wrong and fix it.

So perhaps I’m wrong about this being the beginning of the end for Dell. The first step in any recovery is admitting you have a problem and then listening hard to find out ways to fix it. Maybe Dell’s doing what it needs to do to get back on track. I wish them well.

A. Benjamin

I’ve had a couple emails from Richard B. at Dell who seems genuinely interested in helping me solve my problem.

I applaud Dell for the effort…

As you can see, while online media makes it very easy for people to express their problems, it also makes it abundantly easy for companies to see who exactly is having a problem, what the problem is, and to address them on a person to person basis. And Dell’s efforts in this regard are clearly helping them address their customers’ needs and to change their opinion of the company and the company’s customer support.

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