Google’s Performance Presents Case for PPC Opportunities

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Industry research firm comScore released their search engine market share report for the month of October. The report continues to illustrate what consumers already know. Google is dominating search engine market share. With an overwhelming 65.6 percent ownership of the market over second-place Yahoo! search (15.2 percent, respectively) 12 billion searches were conducted on Google during the month of October, alone. Consumers may not realize the clear parallel between Google’s market share and the opportunities to capitalize on pay per click advertising.

First, it is important to note that advertisers spent nearly $18 billion on search marketing advertising in 2011. That number is projected to reach $33 billion by 2016. Industry statistics collected from Forrester Research shows the growing demand in online advertising. In fact, the market research firm claims online ad spending will overtake television ads by 2016.

There were over 12 billion searches conducted on Google during October. That same month, the company also posted their Q3 earning report, noting a 33 percent increase in revenue, 23 percent of which was due to the increase in online ad spending. The figures are clear. Advertisers are leaving traditional methods to move online. PPC companies are the right people to contact as they create these dynamic targeted ad campaigns that can coincide with search engine optimization and landing page optimization pages as well.

PPC campaigns are an advertising mechanism that populates search engine results based on targeted keywords. Advertisers bid on specific keywords and point the advertisement to strong landing pages.

The facts and figures presented by Google in addition to industry research shows us just how the market in shifting from traditionaladvertising (television, billboards, newspaper, etc.) to online based. Advertisers have their best opportunity yet to enter this emerging market before the keywords start to run out and the cost per click starts to rise. Welcome to the future of advertising.

Todd Bailey

Todd Bailey

Founder /Editor at pushStar Digital
Todd Bailey is the Founder/Editor of pushStar Digital. He works as Director of Search for Gen3 Marketing as well.
Todd Bailey
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  • lew N

    Not surprising that Google continues to dominate in Search over Yahoo and Bing which wasn’t even mentioned. It’s also telling that many small and large companies are gravitating to the internet band wagon now. It does make me wonder if we may begin to see increases in “banner ads” something which many in the industry have laid to rest.

  • Fynn

    Astonishing figures.. 18 billion in 1 year!

    I do wonder however how much market share Facebook will gain with their Facebook Ads. If their ad system matures Facebook could become more competitive by ad targeting on demographics and interests. Also, can’t forget about Bing with their Facebook strong partnership.

    So I wonder if Google will reach their projected $33 billion in 2016. I guess it depends on the growth of Google+.

  • Joe Manning

    Todd, well-written article. With Google holding 65% market share in online search, there is an excellent opportunity for marketers and advertisers to realize the potential here. Gone are the days of I-95 billboards and newspaper advertisements!

  • Steve S

    PPC is definitely an important part of the full circle in Internet marketing. If your not taking advantage of it now it will only get harder once your competitors bump up the CPC pricing. Thanks for the great article Todd 🙂

  • Kathryn Smith

    It is no surprise that online advertising through Google is on the rise. With many people spending hours upon hours of their day on the internet, it is easy to see why companies could consider switching to online advertising over television advertising.

    Plus, with the recent influx of Twitter and Facebook usage, it is no surprise that the need for online advertising is booming. Many companies have grabbed hold of the use of Facebook and Twitter to promote their business such as providing discount codes and coupons to friends and followers online.

    Google is definitely a market leader. After all, Google is the only search engine that is used as a verb, don’t take my word for it, “Just Google It.”

  • Benjamin Bryman

    This is all very interesting, with the growing trend in Online Advertising new methods are bound to occur in order to further stand out form everyone else.

  • Anthony P

    All good points made in a well-written article. The figures leave no room for debate regarding online marketing participation. I think Flynn has a finger on the pulse of things. It will be interesting to follow the future of paid search advertising from platforms such as Facebook, a site experiencing high traffic at regular intervals.

  • carlton

    I’M quite new at SEO and still learning the ropes on what is considered important by not only google but other online advertisers
    Thanks for this great post