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Google Workspace Users Can Request No-Cost Trial Of Duet AI

Google Workspace users can now try Duet AI, which offers enhanced features for content creation, meetings, and global collaboration.

  • Google's Duet AI for Workspace is now generally available and offers real-time collaboration across various work tasks.
  • Google Meet benefits from Duet AI's capabilities by offering real-time translations, note-taking, and enhanced audio-visual quality.
  • Partnerships with Typeface and Jasper will allow Workspace users to scale content with generative AI.
duet ai trial for google workspace available

Google announced the general availability of Duet AI, a new feature set to transform how users interact with Google Workspace with artificial intelligence (AI).

Google’s Duet AI is a real-time AI assistant for over 3 billion Google Workspace users.

Launched after extensive testing involving thousands of companies and millions of testers, Duet AI aims to shift how tech envisions future workspaces.

While the move is aimed to simplify workloads and streamline daily operations, it also raises questions about data privacy and the broader implications of AI in the workplace.

Examples Of Duet AI Features Within Google Workspace

Duet AI aims to offer AI assistance beyond basic tasks and across multiple tools.

For example, busy professionals who need to create last-minute presentations can use the AI assistant to compile necessary information from Google Drive and Gmail automatically.

It does the heavy lifting, allowing you to focus on polishing and refinement.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

Google Meet is another area where Duet AI promises substantial advancements.

Duet AI aims to simplify global collaboration, from enhancing camera and sound quality to meeting summaries and real-time translated captions in 18 languages.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

The “attend for me” function even allows Duet AI to represent you in a meeting, delivering your messages and ensuring you’re in the loop with recap notes.

Inside Google Chat, users can ask AI to summarize missed conversations or compile information from documents shared in a space.

Screenshot from Google, August 2023

Additional generative AI features throughout Workspace help users generate proposals in Google Docs, craft emails in Gmail, and create project trackers in Google Sheets.

Generative AI Content At Scale

Beyond Google Workspace, the company is also expanding its partnerships with third-party services like Typeface and Jasper.

Jasper, for example, enables users to employ AI for creating and modifying content in Google Docs and soon in Google Sheets.

Ava Malla, Director of Global Partnerships at Google Workspace, stated,

“New capabilities with Jasper will help our joint customers enhance their creative work with seamless, AI-driven tools.”

The Future Of Work And AI Assistants

The launch of Duet AI represents a significant step in making AI a cornerstone of daily work activities but also raises crucial questions about data security and the ethical dilemmas of AI in professional settings.

Google asserts that its new AI features were designed with privacy and security at its core, emphasizing efforts toward ensuring data privacy and tools for digital sovereignty.

Interested Workspace users can request a no-cost trial of Duet AI features. Like Microsoft 365 Copilot, Google’s monthly pricing will be $30 per user.

Featured image: Vladimka production/Shutterstock

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Google Workspace Users Can Request No-Cost Trial Of Duet AI

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