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Google Video, AdSense & Content Syndication

The NY Times reports (via LostRemote) on how Google is boosting video content syndication from major media partners like Dow Jones:

Google is working with Dow Jones & Company, Condé Nast, Sony BMG Music Entertainment and other large content companies to syndicate their video content on other Web sites. The videos appear inside Google ad boxes on sites that are relevant to the content of the videos, and advertisements run during or after the content. Google shared the ad revenue with the video provider and with the sites that show the videos.

This is Google video for AdSense, an extension of a program that Google has been running for months but now seems to be kicking-in in a bigger way. It’s another way Google is getting into “TV,” video commercial video distribution through its AdSense network.

On the consumer side, Google Blogoscoped reports a finding of a “plus box” link (test) in Google search results that apparently opens a player right in the SERP. I would see this as 1) an attempt to further “improve” the search experience and 2) syndicate Google Video content where the traffic is.

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Google Video, AdSense & Content Syndication

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