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Google to Unify App and Website Measurement in Google Analytics

Google is making it easier to measure users’ interactions across platforms with unified app and website analytics.

Currently, businesses have to use multiple products in order to measure app and website engagement – Google Analytics for Firebase and regular Google Analytics.

To simplify the process of measuring engagement across a website and an app, Google is introducing a new property type.

App + Web Property Type

A new property type, App + Web, allows businesses to combine app and web data in one report.

“Reports for this new property use a single set of consistent metrics and dimensions, making it possible to see integrated reporting across app and web like never before. Now you can answer questions like: Which marketing channel is responsible for acquiring the most new users across your different platforms?”

You can also use this property type to see, for example, how many users started on your app then visited your website to make a purchase.

Data & Analysis

Businesses can measure custom events in the App + Web property with no additional coding required.

The new property type utilizes a more flexible event-based model for collecting a diverse range of user interactions.

An event-based measurement model automates the work of manually tagging events on the website.

Enhanced measurement capabilities make it possible to measure common web events like across, downloads, video views, and more.

Lastly, a new analysis module allows you to examine the data without the limitations of pre-defined reports.

Different analysis techniques include:

  • Exploration: Drag and drop important variables onto a canvas to see instant visualizations.
  • Funnels: Identify steps leading to a conversion and how users move through the funnel.
  • Path analysis: Understand the actions users take between the steps within a funnel to help explain why users did or did not convert.

The new unified app + web property will be available in beta to all analytics accounts in the coming weeks.

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Google to Unify App and Website Measurement in Google Analytics

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