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Google to Hold Web 2.0 Developer Event in May

This week, Google announced that it will be holding a developers event in May that will cover  a variety of topics as related to “Web 2.0” application development.  The event, known as “Google I/O” will span two days on May 28-29, 2008, and will be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco.

Google engineers will not only discuss the company’s own developer products, but will also cover application development in general.  Topics on the agenda include tools & techniques related to Ajax and JavaScript, which are both heavily used in “Web 2.0” applications, as well as tools available for tapping into web application programming interfaces, Google’s developer toolkit, new APIs and frameworks for tapping into social networks, and technology such as Android and Mobile Gears for building mobile web apps. Google also plans to cover geo and map applications, with a focus on various technologies such as Google Maps API to keyhole markup language.

Several Google engineers including Dion Almaer, Josh Bloch, Jeff Dean, Chris DiBona, David Glazer, Alex Martelli, Guido van Rossum, and Steve Souders will be conducting the sessions.

Developers can snag a ticket to the event for $400, and discounts will be available for students.  More information can be found on the official Google I/O page.

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Google to Hold Web 2.0 Developer Event in May

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