Google Maps for iOS Receives ’Add a Pitstop’ Feature

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Google Maps for iOS Receives ’Add a Pitstop’ Feature

Google announced the ‘Add a Pitstop’ feature within Google Maps is now available on iOS devices in all countries where navigation is offered. Previously, if you wanted to get direction to a location outside of the route you’ve charted on Google Maps you would have to leave the navigation mode. Now you can add a detour, or ‘pit stop’, to your route and still stay within navigation mode.

This feature has been available since last October on Android devices and has now finally made its way to iOS. To access the feature you have to first be in navigation mode. From there, tap the magnifying glass on the top left and search for the next destination you would like to stop at.

After tapping on the magnifying glass you’ll be presented with some categories of locations to choose from; gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, and coffee shops. Or you can search for the name or address of the location if you know exactly where you want to go.

Within the search results you’ll see review stars for each location, as well as an estimation of how much time the pit stop will add to your trip. To help keep your eyes on the road you can use voice commands to add detours to your route. To start using this new feature simply update your Google Maps app from the App Store.

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