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Google Lets Anyone Register a .New Domain to Create Custom Shortcuts

Google Lets Anyone Register a .New Domain to Create Custom Shortcuts

Google Registry has made the .new domain extension available for anyone to use to create custom shortcuts.

Google originally launched the .new extension to be used as shortcuts for its own services. For example, to create a new document or a spreadsheet, you can simply go to .doc or .sheets.

Now, any company can register a .new domain to create similar shortcuts for their own offerings, and some companies have already started doing so. Here are some examples that have been created already:

  • Create a new document in Microsoft Word
  • Create a new Spotify playlist
  • Create a new product listing on eBay
  • Create a new short link with Bitly
  • Make a reservation with OpenTable
    And others
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Google notes that, similar to its .app, .page, and .dev extensions, all .new extensions will be served over HTTPS by default.

Registrations of .new domains are available first to trademark owners for a limited time. From December 2, 2019 to January 14, 2020, trademark owners can apply for their trademarked .new domains.

Presumably, all available .new domains will be up for grabs after the limited registration period.

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