Google Isn’t Just About the Web, Learn About Google’s Driverless Car

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I have to admit that this infographic is the first time I have heard about the “driverless car”. There is a lot of news out there about it and varying opinions. If a Google driverless car were to be available to consumers what would be the pros and cons? There might be less DUI-related accidents and lives might be saved. How great would that be? But what about lost jobs? And states losing tens to hundreds of millions of dollars?

The following infographic gives offers some really interesting stats that need to be considered. I believe it is important to start forming your opinions on this type of vehicle now. Technology is growing at a rapid rate and Google has already been awarded a U.S. patent for the technology. Before we move forward there are many things that need to be evaluated, like can the local economies handle it?

Infographic by Aptus Insurance

Melissa Fach

Melissa Fach

Melissa is the owner of SEO Aware, LLC. She is a consultant and trainer helping companies make the most of their content marketing and SEO. She specializes is the Psychology behind blogging and content marketing. Melissa is also an associate on the Community team at Moz, an associate and writer at CopyPress and an editor at Authority Labs. She is a self-proclaimed Star Wars and Internet geek and volunteers with big cats at
Melissa Fach

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  • Batfan

    “I have to admit that this infographic is the first time I have heard about the “driverless car””

    Wow. Really? There have been bits of news about this all over the internet since October 2010.

    • Melissa Fach

      Yeah. I look for SEO, Internet Marketing, Social Media (and all related), tigers and Star Wars I don’t really look 🙂 j/k

      • Batfan

        I just figured, being an “Internet geek”, you’d be up on this stuff 😉

  • Becky

    I doubt parking costs would go down. I wouldn’t want to wait for my car to come back and get me – I’d rather park it elsewhere. Also if you’re on vacation you still have to park your car somewhere.