Google Frees up FeedBurner

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If you’ve been blogging for an extended period of time you very likely not only know what FeedBurner is, but you are using it. For everyone else, you likely heard about it when Google stepped in to purchase the service as yet another weapon in their ongoing “arms race” with Microsoft.
Well as a result of that deal, Google has today unleashed FeedBurner’s previously monthly-fee based ‘Pro’ services for free. Simply click on the ‘Feedburner Stats Pro’ link at the bottom of the ‘Analyze’ tab and check the ‘Item Views’ checkbox with the blue ‘Pro’ icon next to it (the Pro tool ‘Reach’ has already been automatically upgraded for you). Back on the ‘My Feeds’ screen you’ll even see the same blue ‘Pro’ icon appear next to your feed name.
Google Operating System is also reporting that FeedBurner MyBrand is now free as well. This is big news as this is the service that allows you serve up FeedBurner-run feeds from your own domain name. Google is clearly moving quickly to bring FeedBurner into the family; the next question has to be when will they integrate AdSense and AdWords with the FeedBurner Ad Network? The advertising is where the money is at for Google, so you can expect such integration to happen soon.
A lot of negativity has come at Google in recent months as they continue to make deals that foster their domination of the Internet sphere; but it’s hard to complain when Google is taking previously premium services and dishing them out for free. Yahoo bought MyBlogLog months ago and never opened up their premium services for free.
Healthy competition is a good thing, but who can argue with free?

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  • BeachBum

    I just saw this on another BLOG. Hopefully MBL takes notice and makes their “Upgrade” version free as well.
    We need our stats to know what to keep doing.

  • Adam Audette

    “Healthy competition is a good thing, but who can argue with free?”
    and who can compete with it. google is slowly but surely pinching out small players by creating so many quality free services.

  • Leroy Brown

    It’s hard to be mad at google though, because we have access to all kinds of great free services that used to cost a small fortune. Nearly everyone and their mother uses Analytics these days – how much did Urchin used to cost?

  • Matt J McDonald

    The more Google empowers the little guy, the better chance they have to compete. Not only is this a smart business move for them, but a good PR move too.

  • MG Siegler

    @Leroy – I agree. I believe the app that became Google Earth used to be a paid program as well before Google bought it.
    That is one of the great things about Google Earth, that anyone, anywhere can use it to get a glimpse of any other place on the planet – places they will likely never go – for free.

  • eve

    Thanks for letting me know about this, I love the feedburner stats, they have been the most accurate of all of the ones I have tried.

  • Adam Audette

    the quality of their many apps & services and the fact that they are free is precisely why it’s getting harder for small players to compete with Google.
    i use many of them myself, so it’s not a knock against them as a company, it’s more a statement about their strategy.

  • Rose

    Can’t argue with free can you and now a days everyone wants everything for free.