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Google has announced a desktop gadget contest. The contest runs for the next month and the winner will receive $5000, plus the chance to show the world their mad skills.

The contest runs until July 31st, 2006 and, while supplies last, each developer who submits an approved gadget will receive a limited edition Google Desktop Developer T-shirt and have their gadget shown to millions of Google Desktop users around the world. A panel of judges will also award three prizes based on popularity, visual appeal, use of new features and creativity. We’ll award $5,000 to the first place winner, $2,000 for second place, and $1,000 for third place.

This contest is great for both Google and the participants. It allows Google to find great talent and get some good ideas for little to no cost. It will also create some good buzz for them, not that they need it or anything. It’s also great for contestants because they have a chance to get their name out and show off their talent. Plus, it gives them a foot in the door with Google, and we all know its any geeks wet dream to work for Google.
So if you think you’re up for the challenge you have until the end of July to submit your entry. Good luck.

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

Cameron Olthuis

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