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Google: Avoid Duplicate Content In Business Profile Posts

An update to Google's guidelines for Business Profiles says duplicate content in posts is now considered spam.

Duplicate content in posts published by Google Business Profiles is now considered spam, according to an updated document on content policies.

Google added a line to its Business Profile posts content policy under the section cautioning users to avoid spam.

Among the list of content users should avoid posting on their Business Profile, Google added the following line:

  • Duplicate photos, posts, videos, and logos

This update was discovered by Colan Nielsen, who shared his findings on Twitter:

It’s important to be aware of what this change means for your content strategy, so you don’t find yourself in violation of the updated policy.

No Duplicate Content In Google Posts

With this updated content policy, Google is sending a clear message that it wants businesses to post unique content.

Posting the same photo, video, or text block isn’t allowed.

If you’re not careful, breaking Google’s new rule is possible, even if you’re not trying to spam.

Let’s say you run a Google Business Profile for a restaurant and post the same graphics weekly to advertise your specials. That’s an honest use of duplicate content that could get you in trouble under Google’s new guidelines.

In addition, it sounds like Google wants businesses to limit their use of logos. Putting a logo on every photo, for example, may get you in trouble.

The best way to stay within the new guidelines is to ensure every post published by your Google Business Profile is unique.

If you do that and avoid having your logo emblazoned on every photo and video, you should be perfectly fine.

Source: Google

Featured Image: Piscine26/Shutterstock

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Google: Avoid Duplicate Content In Business Profile Posts

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