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Google App Showing Trending News Cards on iOS and Android

Google App Showing Trending News Cards on iOS and Android

In what appears to be a server-side update, the Google App for both iOS and Android is displaying “Trending News” cards along with “Related stories” carousels.

This was first spotted by an Android user on Reddit, and as an iOS user I can confirm I’m seeing the same types of cards as well.

Google App Showing Trending News Cards on iOS and AndroidThe cards are placed above the regular set of news stories which normally appear when you first open the app, or tap on the “G” button in the bottom center.

Based on what I’ve been seeing so far the Trending News cards are relevant not only to what’s trending in the news, but what you have been searching for recently. I’ve seen several sets of Trending News cards before decided to write this article about them, and each one has been highly relevant to my recent search history.

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Just like all other stories that appear in the Google Now section of the Google App, Trending Stories can be dismissed by swiping them to the left. In addition, you can also tap the three-dot on the top-right and select the option indicating you are “Finished with these cards”.

Tapping on a Trending News topic will instantly conduct a Google search helping you find more information about that topic. Tapping on a specific story will, of course, take you to the page where that story is hosted.


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