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Google Allo Available to Download on iOS and Android

Google Allo, the search giant’s much anticipated messaging app, is in the process of being released for iOS and Android. Allo is a smart messaging app, in the sense that it allows you to search for information, make plans, and express yourself in unique ways.

Here is an overview of some of the key features launching with Google Allo.

Main Features of Google Allo

Google Assistant
When the idea of Google Allo was first introduced, it was the Google Assistant that caught everyone’s attention. What is it? What will it do? How will it be different from similar apps? Now we have some answers to those questions.

A “preview edition” of Google Assistant will be included in the launch version of Allo. With Allo you can have conversations with Google Assistant, asking it questions or telling it to perform tasks. You can chat with the assistant one-on-one, or bring it into chats with others using the ‘@google’ command.

google alloScreenshot taken 09/21/16 by Kelsey Jones

With Google Assistant, you can:

  • Make plans: By bringing the assistant into chats with friends using that @google command, it can help you make plans by providing suggestions or recommendations.
  • Get Information: Through chatting with the assistant directly, you can ask it for immediate information, or to send you daily updates on the topics you care about.
  • Entertain Yourself: Have fun with the assistant by asking it to send you that viral video everyone is talking about, or invoke the assistant in group chats so you and your friends can play games together.

For now, this is just a preview to show you how Google Assistant works and what it can do. Long term plans involve integrating the assistant with more Google products, and having it available in more languages.

Smart Reply
Smart reply is similar to predictive text messaging on other platforms. When someone sends you a message, Allo provides several suggested responses for you to reply with. Of course, if you don’t like Allo’s suggestions, you can choose to reply by typing in the next message yourself.

Smart reply works when people send photos as well, and will even suggest emojis when the situation calls for one. Over time, Allo will learn more about your style of texting and tailor its responses accordingly.

Photos, Stickers, Emojis
Allo has the option to manipulate certain kinds of messages before sending them. Emojis and text can be enlarged by dragging the send button up or down. Photos can be manipulated by drawing on them before sending. Google sought the expertise of independent artists and studios to create over 25 custom sticker packs just for Allo.

Screenshot taken 09/21/16 by Kelsey JonesScreenshot taken 09/21/16 by Kelsey Jones


Incognito Chats
Google Allo messages are encrypted using industry standard technologies like Transport Layer Security (TLS). In addition, the company created an extra layer of privacy within Google Allo called Incognito. Messages have end-to-end encryption while in Incognito mode, with the option to use privacy features like discreet notifications and message expiration.

SMS Messaging
Google Allo can be used to message other people who do not have Allo. Messages sent to a non-Allo user will be sent via SMS, or app preview messages on Android. However, it is a bit limited

Look for Allo worldwide on Android and iOS in the coming days.

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Google Allo Available to Download on iOS and Android

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