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Google Ads Report Editor Updated With Easier Cross-Account Analysis

Google Ads Report Editor Updated With Easier Cross-Account Analysis

Google Ads is making it easier to analyze performance across multiple accounts using Report Editor.

Previously, it wasn’t possible to visualize and manipulate data across accounts within a web browser. The only way to do it was to download reports and use software on a computer.

Now, the report editor in Google Ads manager accounts is capable of displaying cross-account data which users can manipulate in real-time – all without leaving the Google Ads interface.

In an announcement, Google provides an example of how this new capability can be utilized:

“For example, let’s say that you manage three accounts in different regions and want to look at global performance over time. Previously, you would need to download performance for each account individually, and then stitch the data together to find global trends. Now, you can analyze this cross-account performance with custom tables, charts, and data segments directly in your browser.”

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Cross-account reporting is currently available only for Manager accounts. The feature can only be used for up to 10 accounts, although Google says it plans to increase the limit in the future.


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