Google Adds “Near Me Now” to its Mobile Homepage

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Google has just added a useful button to its  mobile homepage – tagged “near me now”, this feature lets you search by using your location as the query.  Currently available for iPhone and Android phone users in the U.S., “Near me now” utilizes GPS for determining your whereabouts and then searches for results near your location.


The new Google mobile homepage feature lets you easily search for popular categories of nearby places. Just by clicking or tapping on the “Near me now” link right on the Google mobile homepage, you will find categories of places. And if you want more you can just select the “browse more categories” link.

You can also explore the whereabouts of specific locations including reviews or rants of other people about a specific restaurants and their menus and services.

To use this feature, make sure that the location feature of your iPhone, Nexus One or other Android phones is activated. Then visit your phone’s browser and you can easily spot the “Near me now” tab.

Arnold Zafra
Arnold Zafra writes daily on the announcements by Google,, Yahoo & MSN along with how these announcements effect web publishers. He is currently building three niche blogs covering iPad News, Google Android Phones and E-Book Readers.
Arnold Zafra
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  • Steve Weiss

    Google just keeps coming up with more and more amazing stuff…

    Tell you what though, it would certainly be useful if you wanted to find a train station or something when you were in an unfamiliar place.