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Google Adds AdWords To Froogle Shopping Feed

Google Adds AdWords To Froogle Shopping Feed

Google has announced in their Froogle Friends Newsletter that Froogle will be adding an Ad Automator to Froogle where merchants with over 1000 products who are also AdWords advertisers are invited to try out the beta release of their new ad-producing technology. This seems to be a hybrid of submitting a feed and pay per click ranking, something similar to most other shopping search engines like or Yahoo Search which work on a pay per click basis. Froogle however will continue to include products which are submitted by a free feed inclusion.

Froogle’s Ad Automator will automatically create and target AdWords ads based on structured data feeds, which are similar to the feeds an online retailer would submit to Froogle. According to Froogle “You’ll be able to create keyword-less data feed campaigns in your existing AdWords account while investing minimal time and effort. Simply send us your feeds, and the ad automator will automatically generate targeted AdWords ads that begin showing right away.”

Froogle adds that advertisers will be able to

* Leverage the product copy you’ve already written for your site
* Generate specific, high-CTR ads with no additional work
* Increase the number of queries on which your ads appear

Froogle states that the Ad Automator provides added coverage by actually targeting keyword queries that may have been overlooked a normal Froogle campaign. Froogle also claims that the ads will still be highly relevant to the results in Froogle searches and will not interupt the intended purchase research process.

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Google Adds AdWords To Froogle Shopping Feed

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