Google Accounts for 71% of US Searches in August

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Google Accounts for 71% of US Searches in August

Hitwise reports that Google has accounted for 71% of all US searches in the month of August., an increase of over 11% since its market share last year. Yahoo got 18.26% market share, MSN 5.32% and ended with 3.45% of all US searches.

Key facts in report:

-Only Google recorded an increase in search share both from the previous month and the year-earlier period.

-The remaining 46 search engines in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis Tool accounted for 1.95% of US searches.

-From August 2007 to August 2008, Entertainment, Business and Finance, Sports, Online Video and Social Networking categories showed double-digit increases in their share of traffic coming directly from search engines.

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