Fourth of July Logos from the Search Engines

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Today marks the celebration of the birthday of the United States of America; Independence Day, the Fourth of July. While many Americans are enjoying their day off, the three day weekend, fireworks and backyard bbq’s, the search engines are also showing their love for our independence, with their celebratory logos.

Google’s Fireworks over the lake logo :

Yahoo also brings fireworks into their 4th of July logo, with a bit of Old Glory in their animated logo : steps away from the light show and reminds us what started the Independence of the US, the Declaration of Independence.

Independence Day ask

MSN celebrates with a little bit of fireworks :

MSN Fireworks

While does nothing to commemorate July Fourth :

July 4th

At Search Engine Roundtable, Barry has put together lots of Stars & Stripes for his July Fourth celebration :

Search Engine Roundtable

Notice any other sites celebrating Independence Day with logos? Please feel free to add some in the comments!

Loren Baker
Loren Baker is the Founder of SEJ, an Advisor at Alpha Brand Media and runs Foundation Digital, a digital marketing strategy & development agency.
Loren Baker
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  • Gavin Mitchell

    Google appears to have localised display of the fireworks logo to users in the U.S. Just the regular logo showing on here in UK.

    Yahoo, Ask and MSN are all happy to display July 4th logos etc to the rest of the world – so why aren’t Google?

    The United States 4th July celebrations are a pretty well-known event globally; I seem to recall less well-known country specific holidays and events being highlighted. It almost seems like Google doesn’t want to draw attention to its American roots in overseas markets.

  • Seo Positive

    To be honest, I think Google is correct. I think that it should keep country specific celebrations to just that countrys pages. However I can understand what you are saying with regards to it posting other celebrations world wide, but not 4th July logo. I don’t know the motive behind that.

  • Tom Young

    I am still at a loss as to why Google chose not to recognize “Memorial Day” in the US.

  • Blog Marketing Journal

    Wow interesting point the first blogger makes. That’s a bit strange. The Anti-American sentiment runs deep these days with the current war so perhaps they didn’t want to amplify any ill will these days.

  • WebSite Design Orange County

    Well at least we all learn something when we see a Google logo we don’t understand and take the time to research what it means.

    Knowledge can do nothing but makes us better.

  • Pratheep

    @ Loren Baker, even I tried to collect the logos from different websites, but most of the logos didn’t show up in my country (India). Is there any geo restriction added to it?

  • Tien

    I remember I was in England during the 4th of July–it was a non-occasion to say the least.

    I’m glad Google isn’t using itself to propel itself into some America, ethnocentric ideal or anything..

  • domainregistrar

    It was good to see Yahoo catching up, Google for a while now has been serving logos as per occassion, and especially with country specific logos. This is the first time I saw yahoo coming up with innovative idea of celebrations. Nice small way of participation in happy moments with the internet population!!!

  • John H Gohde

    Having commented on Google’s lack of respect for American Holidays on GWH group several times before, I am happy to see that Google has finally recognized the 4th of July.

    Even if it is only in the American edition of Google.

  • Char Gavani

    I have recently become of aware of the crazy holidays that ” google” chooses to wind into its logo–Noam Chomsky’s birthday? That’s the linguistics scholar who says he doesn’t care who killed JFK. Even if you’re not a JFK fan, that indifference to truth is a strange thing for a scholar of culture to perpetrate.
    Anyway, I will not be using google search engine anymore. They scrubbed the Larry Sinclair info leaving only endless Obama bloggers’ lies. And I’m sick of freaking google dragons. This is America, not China. Not Korea. Chinese and Russian immigrants didn’t invent the internet, the computer, the automobile, the telephone, the airplane, the electric light, the space program, the whole nine hundred yards of American technology. For the entire 20th century owed virtually nothing to Asia, yet now threre’s all this junk they manufacture being forced down our throats, and those damned endless dragons in google.
    I’d consider coming back if they’d just get rid of those.