Flickr Video Is Coming, But Where is it Going?

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Internet video has obviously been a hot property for quite some time now and while it might not be sustainable, we continue to see new entrants into the field. The latest soon-to-be entrant will be a big one, Yahoo’s photo site Flickr.
Before it even launches, the problem with Flickr Video is what you should use it for and how the service should be used. Most of us already have our videos on YouTube, MySpace, Facebook, or any of the other dozen or so web video sites, which makes us wonder, if Flickr Video will really be able to differentiate itself enough to necessitate another upload? Here’s how I personally see people using the different video sites going forward.
Because of Google’s lack of social prowess, YouTube is a good outlet for semi-professional/web related videos. From video blogs and how-to guides to excursion into amateur film making, these are clips that you want to share with the general public but not necessarily something your socially networked friends would enjoy.
Facebook and MySpace, on the other hand, are a good medium for the personal videos containing yourself and your friends – as well as quick video messages to users’ walls (which can be recorded right from within Facebook now if you have a webcam on your computer). The fact that you can mark your friends who are in the videos works well with the younger demographic of Facebook.
Though Flickr is a household name, it will find itself on the losing end of tough competition if it launches just another video-sharing site. If Flickr Video is to succeed in this environment, it has to sufficiently differentiate itself and carve out a niche that is currently not being served. The site should take cues from its photo-sharing cousin, and market itself as the place to go for videos of landscapes, tourist destinations, and family vacations.

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