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OpenAI Resolves Periodic ChatGPT And API Outages Caused By DDoS Attacks

Explore the latest news behind a series of outages affecting OpenAI's ChatGPT, API, Labs, and Playground users over the past 24 hours.

  • OpenAI reported outages for ChatGPT and API users.
  • Errors prevented logged out ChatGPT users from logging in and slower responses due to high demand.
  • Google Bard also experienced an outage around the same time early Wednesday.
openai chatgpt down api playground labs outage

OpenAI has resolved periodic outages, as detailed in the company’s latest incident report, which reflected an abnormal traffic pattern due to a DDoS attack earlier today.

Screenshot from OpenAI, November 2023

OpenAI implemented a fix for the incident yesterday and was monitoring periodic outages.

ChatGPT And API Outages Linked To DDoS Attack Against OpenAI

The DDoS attack has reportedly been claimed by Anonymous Sudan.

The group has posted several updates to its Telegram channel, celebrating with screenshots of various error messages from ChatGPT and offering its reasons for the attack.

Screenshot from Telegram, November 2023

The issues were initially linked to the new features recently released across OpenAI’s platform on DevDay.

Coincidentally, the incident was resolved shortly after this update about custom GPTs.

ChatGPT Error Messages

As a result of the periodic outages, ChatGPT users received various error messages throughout the day of high demand and bad gateways.

chatgpt outageScreenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Some errors prevented logged-out users from logging in.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Others simply blocked users from accessing ChatGPT.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

Users trying to create the new custom GPTs also have run into various error messages.

Screenshot from ChatGPT, November 2023

External Sources Confirm Outages

Downdetector shows multiple reports of outages on ChatGPT’s website and app over the last 24 hours.

Screenshot from Downdetector, November 2023

Checkhost noted outages across OpenAI globally.

Screenshot from Check Host, November 2023

Second Outage On November 8

Earlier, at 5:42 AM PST, there was a major outage across ChatGPT and the API.

Screenshot from OpenAI, November 2023

Initial Outage On November 7

The issues began the night before, on November 7, when partial outages began.

openai incident report for november 7 chatgpt api outageScreenshot from OpenAI, November 2023

OpenAI’s engineering team responded promptly, implementing a series of fixes to resolve the issues.

OpenAI Maintains 99% Uptime

This incident marks a rare disruption in OpenAI’s typically reliable services.

openai outages over past three monthsScreenshot from OpenAI, November 2023

The quick response of the OpenAI engineering team typically minimizes the duration of such outages, but the event underscores the complexities inherent in maintaining large-scale AI services.

The resolution of this outage and future ones will be particularly relevant to those who rely heavily on stable AI tools for content creation, data analysis, and automated customer service.

The robustness of these systems is crucial for the seamless operation of marketing strategies and online engagement.

For those who depend on AI-driven tools, the OpenAI outages are a reminder of the importance of contingency plans for unexpected downtime.

The Downside To ChatGPT Alternatives

Fortunately, when ChatGPT is down, users have other options to choose from.

However, as ChatGPT users navigated to alternatives like Google Bard, they found it was having problems. users also reported downtime earlier today.


Featured image: Vitor Miranda/Shutterstock

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OpenAI Resolves Periodic ChatGPT And API Outages Caused By DDoS Attacks

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