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Bing Reveals Top Searches After Each Presidential Debate

Bing Reveals Top Searches After Each Presidential Debate

What are the most asked questions after the conclusion of a presidential debate? Bing took a unique approach to finding out the answer to this question, which results in queries you’re unlikely to see at the top of similar polls.

When looking at top search queries at the end of each debate, Bing looked at only queries that triggered its election-fact answers. Election-fact answers are quick answers that appear when general questions about the election are asked in Bing search.

With that being said, here are the top search queries at the end of each debate that triggered Bing’s election-fact answers.

  • The First Presidential Debate (9/26 – 9/28): What is the second continental congress?
  • The Vice-Presidential Debate (10/4 – 10/6): Who won the Vice Presidential debate in 2012?
  • The Second Presidential Debate (10/9 – 10/11): Why is election day always on a Tuesday?
  • The Final Presidential Debate (10/19 – 10/21): What is the Electoral College?

As the ‘election-fact answers’ name would suggest, it appears Bing is only counting questions to which it is able to deliver definitive answers. Within the answer box, Bing provides a link to the source for more information.


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