Bing Capitalizes on Entertainment with Visual Search

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The web is becoming a more media-rich place, but it’s hard to know exactly how to take advantage of that. For Bing, the current plan is clear: Capitalize on specific entertainment events by aggregating and organizing visual data. This is being done through a specialized tool known as “visual search.”

Visual Searching, On and Off the SERP

Since 2007, Google has been bringing visual items to the home page of their SERP with “Universal Search.” Image presence has since spread to other sites, and has been re-vamped, re-touched, and re-visited a dozen times. Bing is taking things a step further with a visual search oriented specifically to niche events and interests.

Visual search has existed for several months, but it’s still a relatively small service: Bing has created 88 different searches that give data relevant to a precise interest. These range from the best movies to astronauts to tech devices and well beyond. Each search allows users to navigate to exactly what they want by entering criteria specific to the category. As just one example, the search for U.S. Presidents lets you see only the candidates of a specific party, organize the number of terms served, view presidents by how they died,  or see presidents by their state of origin.


Visual search for Democrats with assassination attempts.

The niche data is great for these targeted interests, but Bing has been pushing further into entertainment as of late. Both Glee and So You Think You Can Dance, two of the most popular U.S. TV shows, have a visual search that lets users browse through performances. You can view the performances by the lead performer, the season of the show, the episode of the show, or through a variety of other criteria. From there, Bing provides you with links to watch or hear the performance, and advanced details on both the show and the performers.

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