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In a move which helps to simplify and focus on its core brand, (sem Jeeves), Ask will be phasing out the Teoma brand and redirecting the Teoma site to

Keeping within their recent rebranding under one Ask umbrella trend, the Teoma team is now to be known as the “Ask Search Technology” team. It should also be noted that Ask is looking to do something with the “Resources”, or hubs, section of Teoma, which did not make the cut to the new (perhaps Ask will spin it off as a Librarian oriented research tool, as new Ask empoyee Gary Price says Teoma hubsare popular in the Librarian community).

Continue Reading Below explains on the Blog:

“As we’ve detailed before, when Teoma was acquired back in late 2001, it was a pioneering, 7-person shop that had developed some next-generation algorithms and a promising search engine. Since then, it has served as the heart of the technology underlying Ask Jeeves, and has been the foundation of our resurgence in search.

The algorithm, one way we uniquely determine relevance, will be known as ExpertRank going forward.”


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