AOL Puts Relegence Financial Search Engine to Work For New AOL Money

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Relegence, a financial news search engine that AOL acquired last year, is finally being put to good use. AOL has just launched a new website that is primarily aimed at investors, which includes real-time streaming of financial and investing news from more than 3,000 sources.

The beta version of the site is now publicly available, and can be viewed at In addition to the streaming financial news, the site also includes company profiles, research tools, analyst reports, financial charts, and access to regulatory filings. AOL claims that this is the first time that individual consumers will have access to a real-time feed of financial news and information.

Relegence works by simultaneously monitoring, indexing, and filtering thousands of unique sources of live content streets from around the world. Streams include local and international newswires, regulatory feeds, internet bulletin boards, corporate and information web sites, television and cable networks, and print media.

Relegence, which was founded in 1999 as a subscription based service, has offices throughout the world located in New York, London, and Tel Aviv. The 60-employee company was acquired by AOL-Time Warner in November 2006.

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