7 Must Have Search Related Chrome Extensions for 2012

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This post is for Google Chrome users only. Apologies if you’re using another browser!

A man who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life. -Charles Darwin

Search marketers have a ton of processes to go through each day. From curating content, engaging in social media, tagging and sending screenshots, checking important metrics, and more. These processes can eat up a lot of time if they aren’t optimized well.

The one thing you don’t have a lot of is time.

This blog post outlines 7 time saving Google Chrome extensions that will save you lots of time. Use that added time to talk to call your mom, walk the dog, discover a new recipe, work out, or whatever you please!

1. BufferApp


For those of you who like to curate content, BufferApp does a great job of helping you space out your tweets and Facebook shares so you can have an enjoyable reading and sharing experience. This is an excellent tool for people that set aside times of the day to consume content. You simply go through your content, Buffer what you like, and it’ll automatically be shared at pre-designated times.

Simple social sharing and re-sharing. How it should be.

Here’s a video introduction on how to use BufferApp:

Bonus: The science of social sharing part 1

2. Explain and Send Screenshots

Explain and Send Screenshots
does exactly what the name says. You can quickly take screenshots, mark them up, and save them as a link or on your computer with a few clicks. This is a painless experience for people to collaborate and share ideas with each other.

Practical uses:

  • Highlight key points on a web page and quickly send it over to colleagues.
  • Mark up pages with comments next to relevant items.

3. StayFocusd

Find yourself checking Facebook a bit too much? What about that popular fashion blog? Or how about the score of the game on ESPN? StayFocusd allows you to block specific pages for times that you choose. Personally, I only allow Facebook to be enabled for 15 minutes a day so I can allocate that time to something more productive. It’s done wonders for me so I highly recommend checking this extension out.

To verify the effectiveness of this plug-in, I used a tool called RescueTime – think of it as a personal analytics that tracks what you are spending your time on most of the day. We can see from this screenshot that my time on Facebook decreased significantly (I originally set Facebook to be enabled for 30 minutes a day but have since moved it to only 15 minutes a day).


4. LinkClump


Instead of having to manually copy and paste titles and URLs from web pages, LinkClump does it all in one fell swoop. Plus it also allows you to open multiple new tabs and save as bookmarks.

Here are a few ways to use it:

  • Link prospecting – Quickly select results from a Google search result page with LinkClump and paste them into a spreadsheet. LinkClump can take the titles and URLs of each page and output them neatly into different columns.
  • Headline ideas – Go to curated lists of top content and copy all the titles into a spreadsheet. Brainstorm your own topic ideas by using this list.
  • Scale contact scraping – You can scrape all the URLs and combine with a tool like Citation Labs Contact Finder to scrape contact e-mails.

5. SEOmoz Tool Bar

SERP overlay

The SEOmoz Tool Bar is a nifty extension that allows users to quickly check important SEO metrics without having to dig for them manually. You can quickly see how many inbound links there are per page and across the domain. The tool also extends across the Google search result pages, showing you important stats for each result. The extension has other great features as well, such as highlighting nofollow links, presenting on-page SEO elements and page attributes, and more!

6. SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome

SEO for Chrome is a complement to the SEOmoz Tool Bar. For all the metrics that the SEOmoz Tool Bar misses out on, SEO for Chrome hits. From cache dates to social signals to whois information to Google PageRank – it’s all there.

7. Check My Links

Update – Check my Links appears to have been removed from the webstore; we don’t know if this is a permanent thing or temporary so we will leave the following information up just in case.

Broken Link Checker

This nifty extension allows you to check pages for Broken Links. For tips on how to maximize the efficiency of this plugin, check out this SEOmoz post. This concept is based on finding resource pages with broken links and reaching out to the webmaster to inform them of broken links and suggesting a replacement link to a relevant site.


Maximizing your time is extremely valuable because time is something that continually decreases for everyone – you’ll never get it back. Be stingy about your time and you’ll find that you can get a lot more done after you optimize it. Optimizing your time isn’t a one time deal though – it’s a continual process!

What are some other tools you use to optimize your time?

Eric Siu
Eric Siu is the User Growth Lead at Treehouse, an online technology school that teaches coding, web design, how to build startups, and more. Feel... Read Full Bio
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  • B. Moore

    The “Check My Links” chrome extension doesn’t exist any more….

    • Adam

      @B. Moore – It’s been added back to the Chrome webstore so you can download without any problems 🙂

      @Eric – I use a lot of these already but I’ve got my eye on StayFocusd, can’t believe I’m only finding this now almost 10 months after.

  • Stephen

    This is a great post for people who use Chrome. It can be helpful for people who have a million and one things to do but can not always have them at their finger tips. Another tool that does not have a chrome app, but is still very helpful is Chatmeter.com. Chatmeter is an online reputation management tool that helps businesses monitor there online rep.

  • The Button

    Buffer App is my favorite from this list.

    • Eric Siu

      BufferApp is definitely awesome – I probably use it the most out of all the tools on this list 🙂

  • Raz

    I used SEO for Chrome, but It was loading quite slow and showing some weird results. I got rid of it .

    • Eric Siu

      Hi Raz,
      That’s odd – it seems to work fine for me. What do you use now?

  • Francois

    You can download ‘Check my links’ chrome extension from github

  • Kurt

    I really like the Screenshots app. I have been looking for a simple solution like this for a while. Much easier than using the Windows snipping tool.

    • Eric Siu

      Hi Kurt!
      Definitely does a great job – and if it doesn’t work for some reason, you can always use Techsmith’s Jing (which also allows you to make 5 minute screencasts).

  • Phil Webster

    I’m impressed!

    Of the 7 extensions mentioned, I regularly use 4! – I will check out the other 3 without further ado, Thank Eric.

    • Eric Siu

      Hi Phil!
      Thanks for the nice comments – hope you enjoy the other 3!

  • Greg Bussmann

    That screen shot app is awesome. I have been looking for something like that for a long time. Not sure why I never came across it before, but thanks for bringing it to my attention.


  • Kumar

    What about Skype? I believe it has got all these options too.