5.5 Tips To Write Amazing Blog Posts Even If You Are A Newbie (SEO without SEOing)

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5.5 Tips To Write Amazing Blog Posts Even If You Are A Newbie (SEO without SEOing)

What’s one of the most crucial challenges a blogger faces? Blog content creation.  Apart from “other” regular activities like blog promotion, advertising, connecting, SEOing, etc., a blogger should indulge in creating quality content on a consistent manner.

Professional bloggers are great at creating high quality content. If you notice the leading big blogs, you can see that the content in those blogs are top notch.  If we investigate the reason behind this, we have to admit that these bloggers and the contributors therein are around for a while. Naturally those A-List bloggers develop experience over the time and they get better with their writing and content marketing skills.

But for a newbie blogger, content creation could be a challenge. In this post, I am going to address straightforward methods to write great blog posts – and yes you can apply these methods and excel with your writing even if you’re a newbie.  Shall we start?

Identify What Your Readers Want

Let me ask you a question: To whom are you writing your blog posts?  Don’t tell me: “For people”. Try to get more precise. What “kind” of people.  Drill down at the most so that you can identify YOUR target audience.  A “field”, “interest” or a “niche” is still wider. You need to narrow down to find a laser focused group – your target audience.  Create a personality for your target audience. Let that be a virtual person.

Whenever you write a blog post or an email newsletter, talk to that person; write for that person.  This way your content gets even more laser targeted.  And before you start creating content for that person (blog post, newsletter, info-product, or any form of content), find out what interests that target group.  Otherwise, you will simply be wasting your time and efforts.  This is the number one mistake that most newbies are making and this is the most common reason why most newbies quit blogging quite soon.  Because they put their sweat and blood in creating content that is not sought by anyone. They create content just because they are either passionate about it or they read about it a lot.  But they don’t care enough to check whether the content is of interest to the audience they’re targeting.

Get Better At Writing

Writing is just like exercising. Initially it is not very enjoyable; it hurts. And that’s totally normal; nothing to worry about.  But when you keep on doing it, writing becomes less painful and eventually more enjoyable.

In order to get “there” you need to be doing a lot of writing.  It is just like working out your muscles at the gym. It hurts initially but later on you simply love doing more of it, right?  Writing is very similar; it gets better with practice. The more you write the better you get at it.  So you need to make yourself write a lot to get “there”. Of course, you won’t be able to use all of that writing. Some of it will be crappy. But don’t give up.  As you keep writing you will be able to write a lot and also be able to use all of it.

To start with and to keep your motivation up in this case, I suggest you sign up at (I started there).  This site will help you write at least 750 words every day. It will send you a reminder email every day to do your writing.  All your writing will be saved there and can be retrieved by clicking on the appropriate date.  To kick start your motivation, you can even choose to put your name in the wall of fame or shame if you either make it or break it for a given day – how cool (or shameful) is it?

How Can You Get Better At Writing?

Here’s a quick tip to help you get better at writing

Write a lot!  Yes. Keep writing and you’ll exercise your brain muscles to make the much process easier and excellent for you.

Tune your inner voice

Sometimes this whole thing is really simple. You just need to tune your inner voice and make yourself believe that you are a great writer; make yourself believe that you can write amazing blog posts and that you’re not a newbie in this writing business.  You just need to boost your self -confidence. That will, in turn, help fire up the potential needed to ignite your creativity.

Supply your brain with necessary fodder

In order to produce something you always need something as input. For certain things this is most obvious; say for instance we eat food in order to get the necessary energy to be productive and hence we produce.  In the same way, if we want to create content (output) our brain needs some fodder (input). If the fodder we provide is of good quality, then for sure, it will help us produce content that is of good quality.

As a newbie (or even as an advanced one) it is highly crucial for a blogger to read regularly.  Make sure you subscribe to a handful good quality blogs. Don’t jump with excitement and subscribe to every blog you come across. Remember, the quality of your output highly depends on the quality of your input.

Are you a person who loves to read paper books? Find out two or three passionate topics and shop for books once a month in Amazon. Or if you like to read e-books, you can still have them via Kindle or download them on your computer and read on-screen or print (whichever is convenient for you).  In any case, make sure you read any specific number of books (that’s realistic to you) per month.

Win your reader’s heart

Don’t try to please your passion to write on a topic. Don’t try to please the search engines by focusing too much on optimizing the post for search engines.  Rather, focus on making the living beings who enthusiastically read your content happily. It is your readers who will make or break your business. Not a search engine. Not a social media site and not specific software.  It is your readers who do business with you, who trust you, who appreciate you for your work, who help spread your word and who buy from you.

Make sure you win their heart.  Make sure your bloggers feel home when they’re at your blog. Give them what they want. Solve their problem. Be warm to them.  However, I am not asking you to ignore search engine optimization altogether. You cannot put your great content in front of the right eyeballs if you do not SEO your posts.  Hence you should aim at connecting both the ends – people and search engines!

Take the extra effort to help your readers even outside of your blog.  If they post a problem or need help in any social media site, like Facebook, Google+ or Twitter, jump in and help them. Don’t be promotional though. Don’t hard sell. Don’t be annoying. Just be helpful.  I know this is easier said than done. But if you resist the urge to hard sell and be promotional, the benefits you reap will be long term!

So what’s with the SEO without SEOing?

Throughout this post I haven’t talked anything technical about SEO. I’ve not talked about titles, headings, meta tags, backlinks or anything of that sort. But you can still search engine optimize a post without that knowledge. All you need to know is what people are hungrily searching for and how competitive that particular topic is. And then, if you really practice your writing you can naturally optimize the post for that particular topic – remember search engines love useful, unique, and well-written content that pleases their users!

With this content strategy, you probably don’t need an SEO expert (and isn’t that good news for the newbies?).


Writing blog posts is one of the most crucial aspects of running a blog. And this process should not be a tedious one, making you to work for your blog. It should rather be the other way around.  Follow these tips. And let me know how you managed to write awesome blog posts and optimized them for search engines.


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