3 Tips for Finding Great Free-to-Use Images Online

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When designing a website or running a blog, one of the features that most people are eager to use in conjunction with their words are images. However, most images online are copyrighted and require payment to use them.

For those who are running their website or blog for fun, they are going to find that they simply do not have the money to pay to use these images, thus they are always on the lookout for free online images.

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Public Domain Images

Public Domain Images

Public domain images are one way to find free images. These are images that are taken by the government while working for them or are found on government websites.

Thus, finding a picture of the president is usually a public domain picture that you can use.



Another option is to use your own pictures and download them onto sites like Flickr to make them what you need to use. This is a great way to make sure that you are not stepping on any toes when it comes to using pictures, but can also give you exactly what you are needing since you took the picture.

On Flickr there are some pictures just sitting there waiting for people to use, though though you may have to link back to the picture that you decide to use.



For those who want to find an easy way to have a picture on their website or one for printing (stickers, labels, posters, etc) then PicApp can be the one place to get these. The site has tons of pictures to use for free.

The only catch is that you must link back to the picture when you post so that people know where they can get the image. That is something that most bloggers and website owners should do anyway, since it is professional courtesy.


Overall, you can find free pictures. However, be sure that you read the fine print in using these pictures so you do not fall victim to misusing picture and have to suffer the consequences.

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