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UberMedia Creates a New Microblogging Platform

UberMedia is the well-known technology development company that is responsible for creating many Twitter applications that users use today. Many of the applications created by the company are notably responsible for over 10 percent of the daily activity use by members on the social networking site. Although the relationship between Twitter and UberMedia has been fiscally profitable, the technology applications company recently decided to create its own microblogging social networking platform to carve out a target market niche of its own and to attract any Twitter users who may be dissatisfied with the popular brand platform.

UberMedia’s decision to create a separate entity of its own was to primarily decrease their Twitter dependency that has developed from having such a well-known brand with stellar social applications and tools. The UberMedia platform is also considering starting its own microblogging platform as a way to diffuse a strained business relationship that has developed between the two companies. Since February 2010, UberMedia has not been in good graces with Twitter due to some accusations by the company, saying that UberMedia violated some of the terms of service involving three of Twitter’s social networking applications. Because of those accusations and purported violations, business executives felt that the UberMedia business strategy would best be served by developing a microblogging platform of its own.

Earlier in 2010, UberMedia was accused by Twitter of violating some of its terms of service by the popular blogging brand, and as a result, was suspended. When UberMedia named its blogging portal UberTwitter, Twitter promptly demanded that UberMedia change its name, which it did. Now called UberSocial, but perhaps not in enough time to salvage the business relationship and confidence that it had with its biggest client. UberMedia’s marketing chief executive, Steve Chadima, wants to concentrate on growing the Twitter platform and increasing user activity, despite starting their own microblogging platform. The motivation is to continue a good business relationship while making full use of the resources at their disposal as having Twitter for a client.

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2 thoughts on “UberMedia Creates a New Microblogging Platform

  1. I would be interested in seeing some of the sources you’re pulling this information from.

    No doubt UberMedia is kick ass, but owning 10% of the Twitter client market?

    It will be very interesting to see where they go with their new platform. I wish them the absolute best of luck!

  2. thank you for your article. I’ve been using twitter for a while, still trying to figure out to best take advantage of it. I’m familiar with ubermedia though I’ve not been using any twitter applications. I’ve been reading also about the feud with twitter. sometimes, I look at the internet world of today and I don’t understand it. in the old days you had a freewheeling spirit with programmers eager to produce something of value to the community. today, it looks like everybody is competing with everybody else with now products emerging everyday, then you wonder where they put the interests of the consumer… do we need a rival to twitter, then a rival to the rival of twitter?