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Telus Combines Social Networking with Television

Telus recently launched a new, combined method for social network users on Facebook to stay in touch with their friends and connections and provide a way for them to also enjoy their favorite television shows at the same time. The technology includes allowing users to write messages and updates on their friends walls as well as viewing photo albums and images in the Facebook platform. The application is viewable around the television screen’s perimeter while users watch programming on Optik TV. The application is slowly closing the gap between television viewing and social network interaction. The Optik TV service is a part of the Internet protocol television for the company’s internet services and is currently available at no charge to existing Optik users.

The company’s technology strategy manager, Vageeshan Sivapalasundaram, stated in an interview that this new development will bring social media and social networking together cohesively into one channel with television viewing because it allows the user to do everything that he would do on the computer, now on the television, and allows him to enjoy those things while he comfortably watches television and relaxes at home on the sofa.

Another feature about the development is the ability for users to post to their Facebook wall what they are watching and to comment with a “like/dislike” button while they’re viewing their shows. This new trend in television watching has been equated to live-event television type programs like the Super Bowl. Viewers can view programs in different locations, comment and interact on them all through the platform of social media venues. This “party-type” social experience allows users to discuss and enjoy an event from various locations.

This trend is expected to grow and increase substantially in the future as more social network users become aware of the feature and see how it heightens their social networking experience.