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See Who’s Posting From Your Facebook Page With Facebook’s Latest Feature

Facebook has quietly launched a new feature designed to make Page Managers accountable for their individual posts on a Facebook page. If you’ve ever managed a Facebook page along with several other admins you’ve probably had a “I wish I knew who posted that” moment at least once.

With Facebook’s new feature you’ll know exactly who posted it. The name of the publisher will appear underneath the company name, visible by all admins.

This information will show up whether the post was made directly on Facebook, or through a third-party app like Buffer. Another thing to note is that the feature is not retroactive, it will only show up on posts made on or after February 20, 2014. Check out the photo above to see how it will look like.

The information showing who made the post is only accessible to other admins, it’s not made publicly available. As you can see it’s a small update but extremely important for Facebook Page managers.

Knowing who published specific posts is great for assessing an individual’s performance on Facebook. If your business has multiple people in charge of posting on Facebook you’ll know who’s publishing posts that really click with your audience, and who might need a little extra social media training.

On the flip side of that, if someone publishes a posts that really makes your company look bad, whether accidental or not, you’ll be able to hold them accountable. This is a small, but necessary update to make everything run a bit smoother.

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2 thoughts on “See Who’s Posting From Your Facebook Page With Facebook’s Latest Feature

  1. Any idea why it says the WRONG person is posting? There seems to be a bug across many of the pages I manage, where even if I post from my agency-side Hootsuite, it says the client (Firstname Lastname) posted. Naturally the clients are pretty unhappy with this as it moves all risk and accountability onto them. In all instances, the client is already connected to the page as a Manager.

    Would it be the case that whoever set up the page gets listed as the poster? I can’t find any information about this anywhere on blogs or in the Help Centre and we all know what Facebook CS is like…