Come See a Sneak Peek of Raven’s New Research Central

I got a sneak peek at the new Research Central tools in Raven. Still in beta, but the info available is already outstanding. Research Central offers data from MajesticSEO, SEMRush and SEOmoz, all via API access.

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What is really nice is that a lot of data I need is all in one spot. I can get a great overview of data quickly and I can do a lot of research on competitors fast. Research Central offers the following categories of data:

  • SummaryRavencopy Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central
  • Keywords
  • Competitors
  • Pages
  • Backlinks
  • Neighborhood
  • Compare

Screen Shots Below- Click for Larger View

I am going to show you some screens shots from the pages in Research Central. Please remember this in beta at the moment.  Some things may change, but you will see all the data you will have access to quickly.  I chose a very large news website to test out all but one of these tools. I have to say I am a bit jealous of the site metrics for the news site.

Remember you can click these images for a larger view.

Raven’s Research Central Summary

Authority, Social Metrics and Site Metrics are available quickly and the layout is easy to scan for data. You also have keyword metrics, which for this site is amazing. The total links chart by year and month is fantastic. You can actually go back and see which strategies worked or didn’t work and how much you have grown. You can also see this for competitors and with proper research find out  which marketing strategies have worked for them in the past/present.

Raven Summary 637x534 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central

Raven Summary Keyword Metrics 637x482 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


I tried a different search for this one, Pizza Hut. I have some opinions, do you? As you can see from the pic below, with Raven and Research Central you will be able to easily organize and track keywords for yourself, clients and competitors. From this page you can add a word to keyword tracker, enable and disable keyword tracking, start tracking a keyword, view linking URL’s and export to CSV.

Raven keywords 637x500 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


This shows a breakdown of competitors and when you run this on a smaller site like a client’s, a client’s competitor or your own the data is very, very useful. From this page you can start or stop tracking competitors, add or remove from your competitor manager, export to CSV and view common keywords.

Raven Competitors 637x345 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


Pages gives you a break down of data for authority and links. Pay attention to pages with authority and try to make use of them, whether it is your site or a page on another site. This information is fantastic back up data, especially if you need to begin, maintain and plan campaigns for clients. You can add pages to your link manager, create a new task or export to CSV.

Raven Pages 637x464 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


The backlink data is great. See who is linking to you or a competitor, the authority of the page’s link and the keywords used. You can get lost in backlinks if you are nerd; kind of like playing in a pile of leaves for kids :-).  From this page you can enable or disable keyword tracking , add to or remove from your keyword manager, export to CSV and view linking URLs.

Raven Backlinks 637x458 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


I think the best way to explain Neighborhood is by quoting Jon Henshaw,” The “Neighborhood” section looks at the IP’s C-class to discover other sites that are hosted on the same C-class and/or same IP address. (ex. It’s uses include:

  • Seeing if your site, a competitor’s site or a link building prospect is on a spammy network or is sharing an IP with other sites.
  • Using as competitive intelligence, by discovering sites you didn’t know were affiliated with another site.”

If you are a business owner, webmaster or even in advertising this data should be monitored.

Raven Neighborhood 637x461 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


I LOVE this section. First screen shot, you can add multiple URL’s and compare sites. You can see link data for the last 5 years for each site. Below you will see CNN (yellow) and FoxNews (blue) in the “Total Links” graph for 2011.

The second screen shot is Metrics Comparisons – URL specific. This area also shows you Metric Comparisons subdomain specific and also root domain specific.

I am not ashamed to say I love this type of data as much as Annie Cushing loves analytics. It just makes me happy to look at. This data tells you so much about what you need to be doing for your clients, or yourself, to at the very least stay in the game with competitors.

raven Compare 637x510 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central

raven Metrics Comparisons 637x539 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central


Raven Tools has already made our lives easier. Now they have added a component that will give us a lot of data in one place and fast. I love Raven because it helps my company stay organized and allows us to monitor and maintain multiple campaigns easily. The addition of Research Central is like icing on the cake. If you are not a Raven subscriber already check out their free trial.

I want to thank the team at Raven for allowing me to see and play with Research Central.

 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central

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 Come See a Sneak Peek of Ravens New Research Central

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5 thoughts on “Come See a Sneak Peek of Raven’s New Research Central

  1. That does look nice! I’ll need to hit @raven up on twitter to see if I can get access to the beta too. Been using them for quite a while now, and it is one of my can’t-afford-not-to-have SEO tools :)

  2. It would be great if they would implement tools to help me manage renewals! Alerts 7 days before they are due maybe? :)

  3. Thankfully we don’t have many competitors, but an exceptionally unique product. Do you think Raven tools would be useful for our 100+ sites?

  4. Been using Raven for a couple of months now and still amazed at what all’s included under the hood. We spent 12+ months looking for a one-stop-shop tool like this, and even started looking at developing from APIs! Raven rocks. We love it, and our clients love it!