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And Now: Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Searching

Remember that article from last month, encouraging you to start paying attention to MSN Live Search? Well the results from August are in and they’re not pretty.
Back in July, MSN Live Search had a month-over-month growth of 13.1% (May to June) and 17.8% (June to July), in compason to Google’s 0.3% (May to June) and 8.5% (June to July), and we had nothing but good things to say. Now, Compete has announced the search market share results for August and things are back to status quo.
MSN Live Search lost 4.8% in market share over last month while all the other three of the big four saw a positive trend. That said, apart from Google, Live Search is so far the only other search engine to see a positive year-over-year trend. With trends for MSN Live Search, Yahoo! Search, and fluctuating month to month, perhaps it’s better to stick with Google for your long-term SEO strategy.

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One thought on “And Now: Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Searching

  1. Even in the small rural town of Washington, North Carolina folks use Google in same sentence with things Internet related.
    Google is seen as trusted and reliable across differing platforms & hardware. In our family we’re mostly Mac with a bit of Linux thrown in and the default search is Google.
    When my wife was sick in bed and used my Nokia 770 it was Google. Just the way it is y’all, grits, pickup trucks and NASCAR (shout out to miss south carolina).